asthmatic looking for a vape ($200 or less)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by TheZodiac, May 5, 2011.

  1. vapes heating up lonngggg day at work ready to unwind and do some big ass vap bags

  2. im in the middle of the exact same thing. packed a nice fat bowl and poured a ton of kief on top mmmmmmmmmm :smoke:
  3. by legit, I meant a genuine Arizer, no regard to the warranty. Both sellers have essentially perfect feedback scores which would not seem possible if they're selling knock-offs. Also ebay has buyer protection, which should cover counterfeit goods.
  4. yup the ebay sellers with good reviews you dont need to worry about a knock off EQ but the warranty is a issue if you want one.

  5. u guys are making me jealous lol
  6. soon you will have one and be apart of the Vape club along with my lil EQ club. so far including me lol. you order one yet?

  7. Just keepin' it real man.
  8. yea warranty adds bout a 100 to the price...

  9. lol not yet, im waiting for my paycheck to clear so ill prob buy it tomorrow =)

    plus i just got $100 for selling my extra xbox 360 so :hello:
  10. sucks you had to sell it. i sold my modded one awhile ago. loved it though. just got a ps2 lol been vaping and playing crash nitro kart with the gf alot lately getting high as hell cuz she quit the herb.. more for me :D
  11. na im happy i did, my EXTRA 360 lol

    meaningi t was sitting on a shelf collecting dust (mind you i bought it usedfor $100 so i got all my money back)

    i have a modded 360 now, and ill have a sick vape
  12. even better then :hello:
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    so i was thinking im gonna smoke and try working out just to see how it is

    and now that ive smoked im feeling unmotivated lol

    edit: also trying to comprehend the concept of time & eating chips, while listening to techno and playing team fortress 2 =) lol

  14. when you vape you want have to worry about getting tired and being unmotivated. you can control what kind of high you get based on the temp you use. check this link out . also check out i bought mine from them for 209.99 3 weeks ago and a friend got his last week from them for 199.99. you also still have a warranty and can even warranty it through for faster service.
  15. looks legit to me ..
  16. YAY! how many days you think till you get it? excited for you lol

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