asthmatic looking for a vape ($200 or less)

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    hey guys so im an asthmatic so i need a quality vaporizer (it will be used in home so portability means nothing to me)

    i have a magic flight launch box and am having too many problems with the batteries not working properly.

    anyways just need something good quality that works well and should last a while

    prefer buying through ebay,amazon,overstock, or something simular (legit)

    edit: has to be under $200, the less the better but id rather spend a little more and get something that will work great and last longer
  2. Check out the Silver Surfer. The temp is fully adjustable, so you won't accidentally get combustion, and it's a quality piece of machinery, for a good price.
  3. howdy. well I personally haven't tried vaping or know much about it, but I have looked at them at this site and have seen some positive reviews for one's in your price range that can sit on a desk at home...

    Aslo an asthmatic and would love to hear back about what you end up going with and how it affects you! :)
  4. i have asthma myself. i own a EQ and it does help alot. but so does light excerise to build up lung span. its like training your lungs and i havent had to use inhaler or anything for like 10 yrs or more. but of course there is the other case that or so bad you cant. think a all glass path may be best for you but unsure of the price. to vaked

  5. glad to hear it man, and yeah im getting back into exercising now, i went on a walk/jog tonight and decided im going to back to only vaping 95% of the time and exercising.

    what is an eq? havent heard of it before?

    its pretty popular. my favorite but to everyone has different preferences.
    most got it because the first vape i tried was volcano and it blew me away but i heard great things about SSV (sliver surfer vaporizer) which is a whip vape and i wanted something in the middle and the EQ does both but i didnt buy it after i found out that i read and read till i knew it was a good product and many love it. ive have used SSV and its good but seems to vape bud faster then my EQ so imo the EQ is better not the best bag vape but its really dam good. volcano is the vape for that. have any questions on it just ask ill try and help
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  8. those are also great vapes, good luck let me know what you pick and how you like it

  9. thanks i did just find this :

    2011 NEW V-Tower Arizer Vaporizer - Newest Model MADE | eBay

    does it look legit to you? it looks like it doesnt include bags so i guess i would want to get this too

    Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Balloon Kit Bags O Ring SAVE | eBay

    do u think that would be equal quality wise to like da buddha or silver surfer?

    do u tend to use bags/whip ? which do u like more?
  10. That's not a bad tool either, however, I prefer the SSV simply because of the simplicity of the system. There seems to be less risk of failure when you don't mix computer chips into the mix.

    I think its main benefit is that it has a built in thermometer. However, just by playing with the SSV, you'll find the perfect setting.
  11. how about a vapor bros?
  12. from EQ

    Precision Temperature Control

    Precision matters. The Extreme operates with incredible precision. The beautiful LCD display shows the actual temperature and preset temp.

    Ceramic Heater with lifetime warranty

    Ceramic is used so there is no concern of toxins or bad tastes as there can be from metal heaters.

    the EQ uses all safe pathways and temp control but you can see the temp.. i like that myself you can see it get there. there is no chips and a lifetime warranty on heating unit
  13. the EQ has air that goes through the electronics, not the MOST SAFE and could irritate you with your condition.

    I vote for ssv, you can even get a good deal on a 'blemished mode' straight from 7th Floor with the warranty and everything! it just doesnt come with the bag but the same seller has them separately for 30 bucks.

    also, plastic tubing could irritate you, but that is not as crucial as how clean the air is that going in. be sure to clean all pieces before use as well.

    edit: the VB(vaporbros) also has air that goes through its electronics, no good IMO. best whip type vapes out there are the DBV and SSV, I have a dbv and can say its great and great quality, but Im looking into something without tubing, even the LSV from 7th Floor would be an upgrade in that case.
  14. I returned the EQ cuz of that hot hair was so irratating!
    I'm looking for SSV in new condition and it's over $300 with tax and everything.
    I wish the price would drop to $200 range.
  15. And even that's avoidable, you just run it through a water cooler! (i.e, a bong with the hose in the downspout)

    The SSV is great vape, and so is the DB. The principle difference is that the SSV has a downward facing heat source, so it is less likely that you will lose things out the front of the wand.
  16. check out, they just lowered the EQ to $199.99. you cant find a unit better for that price

  17. this does look like a pretty good deal. has anyone else here used this website before? ive never heard of it untill now .
  18. dont fuck with sites if you havent heard genuine reviews of them.
  19. i bought my extreme q from them a month ago when it was $209.99. shipping to florida took 3 days. i had been looking at vapes for a while and made up my mind the extreme q was what i wanted. when i saw it at that price it was really a no brainer on ordering one.

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