Arizer Solo or Extreme Q?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by dave40k, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Seems like it should be a no-brainer: do I need portability or not? However, the Solo gets such good reviews I can't help but consider it as a primary vape. I plan on vaping at home exclusively so the portability isn't necessary. I hear such good things about the Extreme Q and such good things about the Solo they seem almost interchangeable.

  2. Both devices are nice. I personally have a Q. Ive had it for two weeks. I've done experimenting with bags and whips. I personally thought I'd never use the whip but its all I use now. I get a couple 4-5 nice thick clouds off one elbow pack. Personally I do love it the EQ that is. 370 º F, fan number two and a whip are some really nice hits!

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  3. Interesting I'm the opposite I can see using the whip more than the bag. To me it just seems more practical. Except for some sort of placement on the living room table for 2 people to get at.
  4. Well I always thought I'd just use the bag because its something different. .but imo the whip is the way to go for sure. The bag is nice with a group of ppl.

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  5. I've heard too many complaints about the longevity of the battery on the Solo to pick one up to use primarily at home.
    I have an EQ, and like it a lot. But the bags take a LONG time to fill, they aren't worth it to me.
    I use my EQ now 99% via a bong, vapor bonging. Check my post from a few days ago:
    The EQ comes with everything you need to hook it up to any glass with an 18mm female connection. One hose with an elbow at each end.

    If you don't need the portability I'd go for the EQ. Lots of options on how you consume the vapor.


    There are a ton of good vapes out there, any reason you're set on an Arizer vape?

    I'm most interested in the Arizer Extreme Q because I was first looking to get a Volcano, but after watching some video reviews on Youtube I decided the EQ is just about as good, if not as good, and 1/3 the price. However, I haven't looked too much into other brands of vapes. What are some other ones you would recommend? I could get a Volcano but I would much rather get something lower priced but still of good quality. Also, I've only vaped several times about 5 years ago. With my current job I haven't smoked in 4 years. I plan on getting a grow setup also trying to keep the overall cost of everything down.
  7. Get the extremeQ. The whips are much nicer. The bags go stale. I have a Solo and it is awesome, but you will probably appreciate the Q more
  8. If you're not set on the bags (they get old fast) then you should check out 7th Floor Vaporizers. The make the Silver Surfer, Da Buddah, and Life Saber which looks like it sounds, just like a light saber. The other two are whip based vapes, a little more $$ than an EQ, but probably a bit more quality product.
    If you are into glass (bongs...) check out the Life Saber. With an attachment it plugs right into a bong downstem.

    I'm actually leaning towards the Lotus as my next vape, if you don't count the Grasshopper I'm waiting on.


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