Are these bulbs ok to use?

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  1. Hello guys. First time grower here. I have been reading and reading and I'm preparing to start growing. I've been reading about what bulbs to use and what not, and wanted to know if these bulbs would be ok?

    Shop SYLVANIA 60-Watt Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs at

    I am growing in a 48"high space with a width of 24" and 24" deep.

    I wanted to know if these bulbs were sufficient enough for the space. If not a link to the right ones at Lowes would be great. Thanks in advance.
  2. Your gonna need like (8) of them for a single plant.
  3. i'd go on amazon and get a few fixtures, and get the "Y" converters.... Then you can throw 2 bulbs on a socket. I would also reccomend that you use "true" 46-W Bulbs like these that I have : Lights.

    Adaptors here : "Y" Adaptors

    and These : "Plug" Adaptors

    Not set in stone but they say 100-W per plant and an extra 50-W per plant in the same grow area.

    I had 6 of the 46-W bulbs before I began on my 600W MH grow and they provided more than enough light....

    I also used only 2-26W bulbs for 4 plants starting..... but I didn't know any better!
  4. EXACTLY! I like the design, I have all the parts to do that.... lol
  5. Thanks a lot guys! I can't express how helpful everyone is on here. I'm ordering them right now.
  6. the color spectrum is not listed so it is hard to tell. With cfls you want a 6500k for vegatation growth and 2700k for flowering with a couple 65's mixed in for a full spectrum. Also it helps to add a cool white 4100.

  7. and why is it he needs those? there are no specifications on them. Be careful there is a lot of misinformation being spread.
  8. The temp is printed on the upper right of the 1st bulbs package and the temp is printed just under the leaf on the left of the 2nd package. 6500K and 2700K.

    Yea - you should be careful about spreading misinformation...
  9. I wish you the best of luck!
  10. I purchased my CFLs at Lowes as well.

    Daylight bulbs are for Veg
    Soft light is for Flowering.

    You can get a 4 pack of Daylight for 12 bucks and a 4 pack of Sylvanna Soft light for 13.

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