Anyone Tried House Speakers?

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by BigDaddyChronic, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hi I'm new to the Forum,
    I have grown on and off for a few years In & Out no expert but I know enough to be dangerous I guess LOL I am very interested in using a PC case as a small Veg for clones or what not.
    I was watching one of the videos posted & it got me thinking
    has anyone ever tried a grown in Speaker Cabinets I started to think if you were handy enough they could be quite stealthly vent your grow out a Sub woffer port hole or ?
    if anyone has tried it would be interested in hearing your experiences

  2. yeh I have a few speakers that I've converted too. I really like the ones with the removable front panel for stealth :)

    Arn has a nice speaker setup too :) I actually have the exact same pair of speakers that are waiting to be converted...boy they're heavy!

    I'm actually nearing the end of a project...I'm converting an old subwoofer into a cloning/mother box for a friend. I've been logging the build, I'll put it up in my thread with the others in a few days...
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  4. [​IMG] its being donated to a buddy for letting my borrow his jigsaw and power drill heheh. i dont have room for more then one at this point so a fish tank stand aka the new grow box. but i love speakers they are super stealth no one expect it to be able to open up

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