An easy technique to talk to your guides -higher beings.

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  1. If you're like me and new to meditation;here is an easy to use alternative technique for talking to angels, your guides, daeomons, whatever your intent is really.

    Picture a community bulletin board in your mind. This bulletin board is your personal bulletin board and it vibrates in all frequencies and all dimensions. All you have to do is imagine it in your mind, and keep coming back to the same board each time you do this. What you are doing is creating this bulletin board in the Astral Plane and it is just as real there as anything else is.

    Now whenever you want to talk to your guides or higher beings, just picture yourself writing a note and then putting it on the bulletin board.

    That's it. That is all you have to do. The message will be on the bulletin board until you take it down. It is much easier for any higher being to pop down into the astral plane then it is for us (me) to raise our frequency to theirs.

    By imagining the bulletin board vibrating in all frequencies and dimensions, theoretically, it is possible to create it so. That bypasses even the travel required for your friends. They also can visit the message board at their convenience - so no more interrupting their day at all hours.

    Make sure to leave messages of thanks, jokes, stories of your day, etc. Dont just ask for things from them. They may be ok with that but I am sure they appreciate a good material plane story and joke just as much as the next person.
  2. i prefer grasscity :smoke:

    but seriously if this works for you, way to go lol, sounds really interesting

    Closest I could come to such an experience is lucid dreaming
  3. i just did it for a few minutes, I do feel very relaxed and calm. Ive tried it(meditation) a select few times before, but my mind is always racing, but I focused on writing things down and putting them my own messege board. Took real true focus.
  4. So you imagine a bulletin board that is in all planes and dimensions...and you leave a note there for others to read...and do they leave you notes too? Is that how it works? And is it just done through visualization/imagination, then?
  5. visualization, i think op is meaning to use this with ap- astral projection. just like how you vizualize rising out of your body for an OBE you just vizualize the bulletin board ?
  6. Do you want this information publicly available to demons too?
  7. The bulletin board is visualized on the astral plane; for me, the astral plane is about as far as I can go. Because of my limitations with meditation this technique has been very effective until I hopefully someday can talk with them a little more directly.

    I have not received messages back. For me it is a one sided conversation still, asking for help or giving thanks, and then I continue on with my day. Usually when I look on the bulletin board messages are gone.

    I leave my messages up for everyone or title them to who I want. I work with a few demons by name. The background and truth about daemons is pretty interesting. I should write about it. Easiest way to put demonolatry in perspective is remember the christians were the one to say they are evil.
  8. very interesting. care to elaborate a bit about this?
  9. Total mind fuck....... please go on haha
  10. Have you tried......"hello"
  11. [quote name='"mandrin13"']Have you tried......"hello"[/quote]

    Every day.

    What part were you guys referring to? And most importantly... how do I pack this grape cone I purchased lol
  12. man i've been meditating for 5 years straight and you guys already have astral guides?

    maybe i'm doing something wrong :(
  13. As the saying goes...'Ask and you shall receive' ^^ :D
  14. This techinique is awesome thank you. I just tried it the last few days and I feel it works quite well.

    Please do explain more about demonolatry.
  15. Especially on the back of that introduction to Daemons thread, do you really want that information to be publicly available?

    Let me suggest an alternative. Instead of picturing the message board, recreate your bedroom. Now when you want to talk to these beings visit your bedroom in the astral plane, that way you do not have to go out and post sensitive information around.

    Just because someone is from a higher dimension does not mean that they have your best interests at heart. Use caution. You don't go up and pet a grizzly, but also don't cover yourself up in honey and go fall asleep in the woods either.

    I am inclined to go with 15 dimensions, 12 subharmonic ranges per universe. 12 upwards for beings you can trust implicitly.
  16. Thanks. I'll try the bedroom technique out tomorrow.
  17. DenialTwist how long have you been practicing meditation?

  18. Safe journey :)

    Not as much as I should. More of a note to myself though.As it's my 700th post and I like numerology...

    I would say I have been meditating 'properly'. for the last 4-5 months. Properly...who is to say what is proper and what is not? :)

    I'm an Indigo/crystalline. I think I was either predisposed with finding this information or guided to it by my highest self.

    I would just like to add that the meditation links do not cost any money. All the meditations you need are there and they will keep you occupied for a long time.

    I have a lot more outer body experiences following these meditations (weed assisted) and the information flows at phenomenal speed. It then takes a few days, sometimes weeks for you to assimilate your travels.

    I'm no guru on the subject but as it has been incredibly beneficial to me I am happy to share experiences.

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