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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by dido, Feb 1, 2023.

  1. Hello good people.
    My father in law was recently diagnosed with ALS...
    I want to make him some sort of tincture to use to relief the symptoms.
    What i have availabe where i live i keif (hash)...
    I usually use it to extract hash oil for my personal use (mainly recreational and as pain killer)
    Its potent and "mostly" sativa... But there is no way to determine the details of the strain or concentration of TCH / CBD.
    so... Can you help me with an easy and clear step by step tutorial of how to make a potent tincture and how to use it...
    Btw... It will travel to a cannabis unfriendly country so it better be as stealthy as possible... I mean that if there is a way to mask any smell...
    Thank you all very much in advance.
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  2. As above. @BrassNwood 's method of making caps and determining dose will work for your FiL.. The capsules are stealthy.
    Since you're already making medicine for yourself you're most of the way there.
    How are you preparing your kief oil now?
  3. Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more
    Either will show you how to make very potent Hash Capsules for all day effects.

    Tincture from Hash-Kief is dead easy as well.
    Decarb Kief 240 F for 40 minutes
    1 gram of Decarbed Kief in 1 ounce of 190 proof. An eyedropper is the usual "Dose" add or subtract as needed
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  4. [​IMG]
    Each drop is 3mg so I make up a mess of 1 drop capsules for new users to find how many drops per day they like then I custom fill the capsules to order. 5 to 7 drops being the most requested.
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  5. Im not making "medicine" in the sense of the word...
    Im making hash oil and using it either by smoking or in some edible recipies...
    Im extracting the oil using ethyle alcohol.
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  6. Thx a lot for the recommendation... Ill read the articles as soon as im home...
    I just have a little question...
    I know that decarbing is mainly done to change the THC-A to THC to increase the potency and the "high"....
    But what if i want to get the medicinal effect without the high??
    Can i do that?
    If i extract the oil without decarbing...
    Will i get the medicinal effect or i have to decarb and get the whole package?
    The thing is my in law have never tried cannabis before and he even doesnt drink at all and im afraid if he gets high suddenly he will panic and stop using it... Especially that now he is very tense and nervous all the time coz of the symptoms.
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  7. You'll have to experiment with both. Try THC-a first as it has the lesser "Stone" factor.
    Explain all the possible effects first so he won't be taken off guard and work up very slowly.

    I've successfully got total life long churchy types to take up cannabis once they knew what to expect. In all cases the benefits outweigh the side effects of the stone.
    Usually we can find a micro dose that is below the threshold of active in your face "Stone"

    You can start him on your Just washed Tincture. If the high proof alcohol burn is to much thin it with no more water then necessary for him to hold it in his mouth and keep swishing it around like mouthwash for 15-30 seconds.

    Like smoking Alcohol Tincture hits fast and wears off equally fast.

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  8. You can get rid of the burn from alcolol by using MCT insated. Quite often I use RSO and thin it with MCT. It doesn't teast that bad and it does the job. It's not an honest teniture because of no alcolol. I use alcolol for spray on tenctures like for skin cancer (basal cell or such). A shin doctor I read (can't find the artical again) said to make an alcolol tencture and spray it on, let it dry, and you are medicated. After spray I use a little DMSO to help it penetrate.
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  9. What if i dissolve pure hash oil ( after evaporating the alcohol completely) in olive oil or coconut oil and use drops of it??
    Would that make a difference in effect?
  10. #11 nachoboomer, Feb 4, 2023
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2023
    I've got exp caring for an ALS patient. Being able to communicate with them to see if they want it, OR is it too weak/strong are important. I DON'T THINK CANNABIS WILL HELP MUCH BUT TEHO??? My guy needed/wanted his wits about him & never really complained about pain. Gotta take each pt differently imo. Want to talk privately feel free.
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  11. That is the way I prefer. It's much nicer to work with than some other ways. The only hard part is getting the hash oil. Once you get the oil it shouldn't matter how you get it into your system. Just mix it with something. I keep my oil (RSO) in a large surenge and just squeeze out a little on a cookie and eat it. Making your oil from hash it shouldn't taste bad and it would be an easy way to move a LARGE amount if left in the surenge. Mix 10 to 20% lecithin in the oil to make it absorb better and thin the oil a bit. If it doesn't come out of the surenge easily just run some warm water on it. Personally, I squeeze out about 3 ml onto a fig cookie and it's a good dose for me.

    Different oils will INFUSE differently but if you MIX hash oil into an oil you can make any strength you want.


    This is a half full 60 ml surenge. Slightly less than the 1 ounce allowed in Oklahoma. I'm not trying to tell you how to break your laws, but this would be a lot easier to to move than 5 or 10 times this much tincture. If it has to be mixed then do it at the destination.
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  12. @dido, good morning. PLEASE don't have you friend take my dose. If he isn't a heavy hitter he will "green out" and puke all night. Just give him less than a 1/2 size grain of rice. Then the SAME dose after 2 hours if he was OK with the first dose. After you know he can handle it the dose could maybe be increased to his tolerance?
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