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  1. im working with a grow space that is 6ft H x 4ft W x 2ft D and so far have everything i need. the problem im having is finding a wall mount fan to circulate air that is small enough to mount on the 2ft side wall. anyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem?
  2. mmm i had never seen the carbon filters from htg not too shabby lol
  3. that shoul be fine man..i'd get a small 6" or 4" round fan to just blow on the plant's to add some stem bulk...this will help maximize your yield as well i mount them upside down from the roof work's well and saves space
  4. Those Noctua fans are nice. I have a Noctua heatsink with two of those on my processor.

    That's exactly how I have mine, intake on the lower left, exhaust on the upper right.

    You may not need the intake fans if you are using a decent exhaust fan. I don't have any intake fan at all, just that one exhaust. And if your exhaust fan is blowing out more than the intake fans can push in, then they may restrict air flow more than help.

    The oscillating fan is for building stem strength.

    I tried to skip that at first because I couldn't find an oscillator in stock locally. I regretted it when I did get one because the plants couldn't handle the wind of even a small fan on low and they kinda got beat up and it was a long time before I was able to leave the fan running on them for long without them totally getting twisted in the wind.

    If you don't ever run one though, the plants aren't going to be strong enough to support the buds when they start coming in.

    So yeah, you still need an osciallator.
  5. yeah i want my plants to have strong stems to hold up on their own. i will be growing feminized ak-48 from nirvana and maybe some seed from the freebies mystery seeds then sent me as well. so far im will be running a digital 400w ballast hps/mh capable. with a 400w mh for veg and 400w hortilux hps for flower. also will be using white poly for reflection. im trying to keep this grow headache free as much as possible.

    also how many plants do you think i can fit in my grow space without over doing it?

    box size: 6'H x 4'W x 2'D

    thanks again guys i really appreciate all your input.
  6. For a fan to put a breeze on your plants, hang it don't mount it. If you hard-mount it to the wall it will send noise vibrations through the wall. Hang it from some string or chain and it will be much quieter.
  7. that clip on fan seems like it will work. also is it really better to hang the fan instead of mounting it?
    i figure there would be stability issues with an oscillating fan.

    This is a write-up I did about the oscillating fan that I use. It was $15. It's great because it's compact and doesn't need a lot of room to oscillate around.

    I haven't been able to find anything about it on the internet. I don't know if Big Lots imports it from China or what, but they had a pallet full of them at the store I went to.

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