Afghan president: US soldier kills 16 civilians

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    Afghan president: US soldier kills 16 civilians - Yahoo! News

  2. Is this a result of lowering standard requirements for soldiers?
  3. Or a result in being places we don't belong while we rack up enemies possibly faster than we are killing.
  4. It's a result of war.
  5. Hospitals.
  6. Insane homicidal gestures are definitely an attribute of war - but not an occupation.

    I think there are more proximal errors in the causal chain - and not much need to relinquish responsibility on notions of tradition.
  7. Fuck the USA and everything it has become...

  8. What makes you think occupation is not war?

  9. Fixed

    Im not bombing or shooting anyone, and given a choice i wouldn't fund it either.
  10. Well I suppose it is. War is a pretty broad term.

    I guess I would differentiate military occupation from consistent large-scale military combat. I think they can be differentiated by the difference in routine operations.
  11. remember people its ok they're americans....Kony is the real enemy now.(sarcasm)
  12. i find it interesting that the number of people killed seems to jump around wildly in the article. its already becoming hard to find accurate information on this, i bet this will be swept under the rug. "WHAT? no one was killed."

    afganis: "uh... pretty sure you did."

    us: "nah"

  13. That and the fact that the United States Congress hasn't declared 'War' since Vietnam. Because shit like this happens people could actually go to jail for it if we were in 'wartime'.

    All I gotta say about this is 'Uhh Ohh.' Afghanis no like US no moe.
  14. another lie
    Good news my fellow americans
    the war in the middle east is over and we are gonna bring our boys and gals home
    (what a frikin lie) Well maybe we will keep em there until the Jewish People need our help after a world of shit is released on them by their surrounding nations. Unfortunitly the jewish nation really would not have a chance by themselves, unless they go nuclear.

    Oh I forgot to mention Thank You for the $5 a gallon gas mr president

  15. Thank Ben Bernanke for that one...
  16. I wonder if the killer will be treated as badly as Bradly Manning. Unfortunately I doubt it.

  17. Nice spin, we're at war bro.
  18. ^ seriously.. jesus christ man..
  19. If it is how the news really told it...then what a fucking disgrace.

    Assholes like this shouldnt be allowed in the military. First they piss on bodies, then allegedly burn korans, then this? Americans should be ashamed of this. Imagine the horrible stuff they dont tell us.

    And i also want to know the motive behind this malicious act.

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