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    so heres a link to my other post. im really thinking about adding a hps light to my grow. like this one 150w hps [ame=] The Mini Light 150W HPS System w/ Bulb: Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]
    would this be enough for my one plant? and im 1 week into flowering. if i order today i would get it in4-14 days. am i to late to order this?? also would i want to keep the other lights in there? i would most likey take out the t5s on the top and it be replaced with this. any input guys.
  2. Personally I would just add that to the grow, and not take away the light, and also I would opt for rush delivery as the first couple weeks of flower is when you plant will stretch the most, if you don't have enough light it will stay spindally.

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