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    Welcome to my 2010 Diesel Ryder Grow

    After a successful 2009 Easy Ryder Grow which can be found at the link below, Ive decided to give these unique sativa / ruderalis hybrids another grow.


    Here are the specifications for this grow:

    • Strain: Diesel Ryder by The Joint Doctor - Strain sourced from Attitude Seeds
    • Lighting: 600w HPS Hortilux Bulb in a SunLeaves Arctic Breeze Sealed hood
    • Light Timing: 20/4 for the grow duration
    • Medium: 50% Coco 50% Perlite in 3 gallon grow bags
    • Technique: Top Feed (drip) hydroponic drain to waste (20 gallon nutrient reservoir, 10 gallon waste catch)
    • Other Equipment: 435 CFM Centrifugal fan, 500 GPH Main electric pump, 120gph electric circulatory pump, Dual output air pump for oxygenation of nutrient solution
    • Nutrients: Cutting Edge Solutions 3 part Micro, Grow and Bloom. Cutting Edge Solutions Uncle Johns Blend, MagAmped, SugarTree and G-Rex.

    I will be comparing this grow to my previous EasyRyder grow in an effort to establish the effectiveness of the complete Cutting Edge Solutions Nutrient line. I was not satisfied with the Fox Farms Products I used in the Easy Ryder grow due to the amount of precipitate which would fall out of the nutrient solution shortly after mixing. The Foxfarm nutrient line did not show a strong ability to chelate, which is a highly desirable quality in nutrients for consistency purposes.

    Given that this is an Autoflowering grow, I adhering to the Cutting Edge Solutions feeding schedule, although with a slightly altered timeline. I have included an image below which shows the nutrient mix I will be using and the period of time it will be used for. I only plan to vary from this schedule in the event that the plants show sensitivity to resilience to the nutrients.

    Please Pull up a chair! I promise that this grow will be both entertaining and educational.
    ...who knows, you might even get some pictures of my girlfriend helping me out with the grow :hello:

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  2. Will be watching
  3. Im with ya bud the last yield was great
  4. Friggin males...

    As much as you want to pretend that you will end up with more females than males, it always ends up coming out right about even. Final count is 7 females, 6 males which have now been cut and removed. One of the males actually had the nerve to pop an early pollen sack... Im not too concerned about it, none of the females pistols have shriveled, most likely not mature pollen.

    Girls have been under the 600w for 3 days now and are perking up alot. The increased lumens has definitely had a positive impact on their growth rate. The two tallest are now approximately 6" and starting to branch out nicely. The smallest are right around 3 inches, but I expect them to catch up in short order.

    Watered the girls with a batch of the CES Veg mix for the first time two days ago and just gave them a second watering today with it. My initial thoughts on the solution is that it looks like Kool-aid. It comes in 1 gallon clear containers and there are no visible particles or sediment in the bottles. After mixing the solution and letting it sit for a few days there is still no sediment, which is a good sign. The nutrients appear very well chelated.

    There are no visible signs of burning, which is a good sign especially with such a sudden increase in nutrient potency. Temperatures are steady at 77 with lights on, 65 with the lights off.

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  5. 2 Part Update

    Part 1

    Here are the girls 3 days later under the 600w HPS. As you can see growth has picked up dramatically.

    They are currently being watered by hand ever 2 days, allowing the coco/perlite mix to dry sufficiently. This weekend a circular dripper will be added around the perimeter of the rockwool to apply a constant slow flow of nutrients to the roots. Cycle TBD based on observations.

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  6. Part 2

    7 Days under the 600w.

    Growing a consistent 1" per day now. Tallest is approximately 9" and widest is about 12".

    I have one of the males being saved outside in the event I decide to use one of these plants to produce seeds.

    The little gimpy one is alive and well, its showing alot of pistols now. Doubt it will produce much but I have extra room so why not grow it out and see what happens.

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  7. lets see an update man im about to start 3 diesel ryders, wanna see how these are doin.
  8. nice nice, im also growing some Ryders tho im not sure what they are crossed with, on account that i got the mixed seeds pack but im deff going to watch this.
  9. Update Update!!!!! wheres those pics Corp. =)

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