600w HPS 5-ak48 4 and 1-aurora indica 4 weeks into flowering *camera is out of date

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  1. I got 5 Ak48 and 5 Aurora Indica seeds, at beggining of flowering I ended up with 5 ak`s and 1 aurora indica due to lack of space.Plants are 4 weeks into flowering (my photo camera is out of date).
    Lower fan leaves are starting to yelowing and I already removed a bunch of them.Is this normal?Also noticed symptoms of Mg deficency, is it normal in this period? Only 1 Ak is darker green, rest of them are lighter.why?
    2 days ago I made a flush because I noticed the water I used was PH high (8 to 8.5). Now I am using 7 PH water (can`t get lower).

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  2. opinions?
  3. I can't tell if it's soil or hydro setup but if its soil make a couple gallons of water with just nitrogen nutes and some epsom salt( 2 bucks at any pharmacy) 2 teaspoons per gallon and that fixes my Mg def. (red stems)...... usually at about four weeks i always feed with high nitrogen and epsom salt to fix any deficiency u run into at the end....hope that helps
  4. thx for your replays!
    since I can`t bring the PH lower than 7 , I hope the flush is going to make a diference.Buds are ok , leaves do not fall high rate since they were flushed.I hope to get betwen 8 to 10 oz from total yeld. do I have any chance ?
  5. Hard to say dude. but for your sake. i hope u do :) good luck
  6. Why can't you get the PH lower then 7??

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