50 state legal plants most similar to cannabis needs

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  1. Hello all,
    I have very limited access to cannabis seeds so I want to gain a good amount of indoor hydroponics experience with plants I can get at just about any hardware store first before I move on to my babies. Simply because I would like to be able run to any local hardware store and get more seeds when I fail instead of finding more seeds :p

    Are there any plants that are similar in nutrient and lighting needs to cannabis? For some reason I want to say I've heard growing tomatoes is a good start, of course I don't like eating tomatoes -_-...but if they are most similar I'll give 'em to someone that does. I just really want to gain a lot of experience with plants that are most similar to cannabis' needs before using what few seeds I have...anyone know? That way I'll not only know what I'm doing but also have the proper setup/lighting/ventalation. Thoughts?

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    Tomatoes and peppers are said to be close, however, if you are to spend time growing something, I would just jump right in, hydro is simple and if setup correctly, pretty much fool proof, you could start one plant and run it to the very end of it's life cycle, it will produce you a bunch of seeds, there are other methods to do this as well. Most failure comes from lack of planning.

  3. Yeah why waste time. Post a journal, you will get help all along the way.
  4. I agre with the about posters. Start with bag seed and leave a male with the females and create your own seeds to gain experience with. Even bag seed can produce top shelf smoke. Genetics do play a good role in how the plant turn out but most plants grown are never grown to their full potential and if they where unseeded they would have produced better flowers. By using them for you education you will have a good source decent seeds.

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