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400g of pre-vaped bud. What should I do with it?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by cloudsfordays420, May 5, 2016.

  1. Hey there fellow tokers! After seeing many post about vaped weed being useful for cooking, I started to save my leftovers instead of throwing them away, and I'm now up to over 400g. I have very little experience cooking with cannabis, and my last attempt at making "weed tea" with my vaped grounds was a pretty big failure.
    I was hoping that some of you lovely people would be able to share with me some yummy and (preferably) easy recipes, so that this time I might actually succeed. :)
    If possible, I would like to used a smaller portion recipe (Ex, 10-12 cookies, 6-8 brownies, ect) while still using all of the herb. The reason for this being is that I vape the shit out of my weed, to the point that it is dark brown with no green, and I know how little THC is left. I'd rather have a few strong edibles, then a large batch of weak ones. Any help you guys can give me would be great!

    Thanks for reading, and stay high!
  2. So I am not a pro, but im sure you could make weed oil, like weed cooking oil and just keep cooking your weed in it until youve done it all. Ill try to explain better.

    Ok so.._ my numbers will be 100% OFF so dont use mine buuuut, say you use 3cups canola oil 60g of ground weed.
    Cook your oil like youd be normally making weed oil. Then just keep using that oil until you have no weed. Theoretically you would end up with dank ass weed cooking oil!! Cheers
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  3. High Clouds, welcome to the forums! That is a pretty impressive accumulation of AVB!

    First things first, how 'brown' are we talking? If you over vape your bud or vape at higher temperatures it can render it useless to reuse. If it's not almost black then you might be ok. Do you have a picture of some of it so we can see if it can be used?
    I'm no expert, but with a batch of 400g i'm sure something could be done with it.
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  4. Definitely enough to do something with,
    If you can concentrate some cooking oil with it as said above it can be made into some quite potent edibles, they don't a great taste but they work, there's plenty of AVB recipes, I've found making it into smokables or tincture isn't the best way and it isn't very good product for it.

    Even brown weed may still have visable crystals on it, and even within the scraps, so with that amounts there's quite a bit of thc to be concentrated.
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  5. Thanks for getting back to me! Here is a picture of the darkest bag I have. The lighting isn't good, and it is about a shade or two lighter then in the picture. The other bags I have are slightly lighter then this stuff, but also more fine. 13096034_10154077715665729_8707259935750620578_n.jpg
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    I posted a thread about this if ur interested

    420 Pang's ABV Cannavocado smoothie

    Fixed the link for you.
    Let's take it easy on external links and Please do give the forum guidelines a look, as you promised to.
  7. Put it on a peanut butter sandwich and you have your edible right there. I only use about 2-4gs per sandwich and they get you loaded
  8. Their ideas are good, I used it has back up smoke before. But if you no need go with theirs :)

    That's not a bad idea lol, it is already decarbed right? Lol.
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    If you want to concentrate all the remaining cannabinoids the solution that comes to mind is following the basic recipe found on the first few pages Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it.

    Basically what I am suggesting is as follows: freeze the cannabis, preferably into 4-8 smaller bottles (50-100g). Also Freeze everclear or other 190 proof ethanol.

    After 24 hours in the freezer put enough of the freezing cold everclear to cover the cannabis by about an inch. Then shake the hell out of the bottle for 5 minutes.

    Strain out the used AVB and refreeze the ethanol. After 2-4 hours take your next jar of AVB and using the same ethanol combine and shake.

    Once you have used and disposed of the AVB you can concentrate the ethanol (via a heated reduction) and get whatever strength you want.

    You will loose some ethanol in every batch, but you can pour some fresh everclear over the material that is straining so you can wash the last of the active cannabinoids into your solution.

    What you wind up with is a tincture. You can sample the strength of the un reduced tincture so you can decide exactly how much to reduce it. At 8 oz you have 50 grams of AVB per ounce of tincture. 4 ounces is 100g / ounce and so on.

    For a reference point,I make my AVB, before bed tincture 20 grams to the ounce

    Ounce you get the strength you want you can do a solvent transfer to oil / butter for cooking.
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  10. Very simple. Make a single cookie. Buy a bag of cookie mix, instead of using entire bag and stick or butter, use a teaspoon of butter mixed with cookie and 1g of AVP. Actually I would make 4 cookies and adjust butter accordingly and use 4 g of AVP. This way if one cookies does not get you buzzed, you can eat a second one. My only advise is to wait 2 hours until eating second cookie. Most people think that if they do not feel high by two hours, the cookie was weak. I learned the hard way and ate a second cookie after two hours and was so ripped I woke up high. You will know exactly how much product to use with the other 396 grams once you do this simple experiment and find the ideal potency. I hope that helps.

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