2x THC bomb fem, 1x Himalayan kush (Organix) Grow journal

Discussion in 'Organic Grow Journals' started by Hilbert Effect, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Hello all!
    Im going to be starting a grow journal on my THC bomb strain and Himalayan kush.

    I purchased the seeds off the internet, cant really remember where (it was a long time ago, I've been waiting till i can grow) My purchase was 5 feminized THC bomb and it came free with 5 Himalayan kush.

    In this grow i will be doing 2 of the F.THC bomb and 1 of the himalayan kush.
    Im sitting in bed now so ill post light specs next time i visit the room and any other information (including pics).

    I am doing this journal because... Well i practically do not know anything about THC bomb and cant seem to find any relevant truthful information on it. And I've also never heard of Himalayan kush and cant find any genetic info on that either. So hopefully i can do this journal and learn for myself, and hopefully help you out too. :p

    I germed the seeds using the paper towel method, I just damped a paper towel, threw the seeds in a line and folded the towel over. Then i stuck the paper towel in a ziplock bag, threw it in the closet.

    The himalayan Kush popped the same day i started germing it, the THC bombs were ready the next day.

    They went into soil September 18th i believe, in transplant pots. I am using Fox Farm organic ocean forest blend, and have Fox Farm Tiger Bloom nutes for flowering since with this soil it says no nutes are needed for the 1st 30 days which covers the veg cycle i think. Once these babies are ready ill be transplanting them into larger pots. Ill post pics of everything im using for this and post later. I dont want to keep ranting until i go in the grow room and take pics and get info down etc. So stay posted ill have an update to this in a couple of hours
  2. Hello Hilbert

    I'm also growing the same two strains (1x fem TB) (2x HK) am only a few weeks into it. I am growing it with a hydroponic system.

    Subscribed and look forward to seeing your results (and pics?)

  3. Subbed dude - that is the exact same mix of soil and nutes i have lined up for my next grow. I have grown THC bomb before and it is a real winner. There are a couple of great journals on here for it, especially Wardrobes THC grow.
    Keep us posted Hilbert
  4. OK! Sorry for the absence I have been busy with life, which at this moment was rescuing a bird from the inside of my wood burning stove :confused: poor thing.

    Anyway i got some details on this grow. more accurate. I stated that they went in soil on the 18th which was false.

    All 3 seeds were germed on the 13th, and put into soil on the 16th. So as of tomorrow they will have been in soil for 15 days.

    The 1st picture is from the 23rd of sept. And if you notice i had a problem with the stems being too weak, these things absolutely SHOT out of the ground, poor things kept falling over so i put in stakes and have them propped up but it wasn't enough.


    The second picture was taken on the 28th of sept.
    I had to take Twine and tie a little knot on each stick to keep the stems from falling over but now that that problem is taken care of, everything has been smooth sailin.


    And at last this was taken today, about 15 minutes ago.


    This is a failure picture at trying to show you my hood lamp but its very dark, ill get a better pic of my room when i can get more lights on down there. Say hello to mario!


    Now as far as lighting goes i cant tell you exactly what lights im using, the stand up CFL is very powerful, but was donated by a friend so i dont know exactly what it is and how much light it puts out, same goes for the hooded lamp. I do know that they do provide efficient light, though more is always welcome.

    I also recently got a 40x microscope w/ led lights for later on Trichome inspection.

    At this moment the babies are roughly measured out to about 4'' Each.

    Ill keep it comin, hopefully more frequently
  5. That is some pretty extensive stretching there dude! Were the lights that far away from the word go? as that would explain why they shot so far up?
  6. Get those lights closer!! With the CFL you cant put that baby right on the leaves without it burning them, with good ventilation.

    Get a fan on them to help thicken up the stems. When you transplant, bury the stems quite a bit or else those young-uns are gonna be limpy and frail.

  7. Be careful burying the stems as they will be prone to rot if they are underground and that will kill the whole plant.
  8. no i didnt have the light that far away thats why i was so suprised, id say about an inch or two off the plants, i do have a fan goin, it was on oscillate but now i made it so its blowing directly on them. The stems are showing good signs of strengthening now though. Heres an up dated pic from today.
  9. Nice one.. is the plant in the bottom left of the pic above the HK? My HK have funny looking leaves like that too.
  10. Yeah bro the two on the top left and right are the thc bomb
    The one on the bottom right is the HK and it is a goofy lil thing lol

  11. Did you mean can? sorry i was just wondering that myself if i would burn them or not for future reference.
  12. Hilbert may i make a small suggestion? Change the way that the plants are staked. but the stake into the ground at a 45 degree angle and tie it to the plant about half way up the stem (roughly where it is attached) and leave the fan on oscillate. this will allow the plants to still move in the breeze and in doing so strengthen the stem, but it will still give them support to stop them drooping. They are still very tall and they will need to put on some bulk in the stem or the will collapse as soon as you take off the stakes.
    Just a suggestion but it worked really well for me when I was growing some big stretchy Sativas.

  13. Okie Dokie its been about 6 days since the last pics and alot has changed!


    Check out the nice foliage, so damn green. Im loving it.


    As you can see in this pic i decided to not slant the stakes but to actually break them at the half way point that way when the babies grow past the stake the wind will blow them over kind of. It had to be a rigorous work out for the stems but as you can also see i have the stems tied at a much lower point, the stems are ALMOST, not quite holding themselves up at this point.

    These plants are 25 days old in soil. 27 days old including germ.
  14. How is the root growth? Are there any signs of roots in the drainage holes? The stems are looking heaps better!
  15. Im not quite sure Birmas i have not checked. I will tomorrow morning. Just to simply learn something new, what is a person looking for when he/she checks for good root growth or roots peaking out of drainage holes? Just proof that the roots are taking nicely? Or is there more than that?
  16. I was just curious as I noticed the root growth on my HK was much faster than the growth on my TB. My HK's have both grown bigger than my TB which is much moer compact.

    The only time I noticed this (asides from putting them into a bigger pot) was when I saw some roots peeking out of the drain holes!
  17. Also, you must be almost ready to move these plants into bigger pots?
    What are you going to do about burying the stem?


    Shows some pictures of stretching I had, and how I buried the stems. I was worried about stem rot, after reading about it on some other random thread but I seem to have gotten away with it as I noticed new roots forming at the top of the buried stem!

  18. I'm not sure what im going to do about burying the stems. I have no plans for that so I'm open to suggestions before i forum hunt for info.

    As far as transplanting goes, a fellow gardener told me I shouldn't transplant until I switch the plants to 12/12. So I had planned to do that unless I get bad feedback on the idea.
  19. You need to transplant when the roots have nearly filled the pots, regardless of when you are changing the lights. If the roots are beginning to show in the drainage holes it is time for a bigger pot! If you don't the roots will begin to curl in on themselves and when you do finally move them you will have a hell of a time getting them to expand outwards into the new growth medium. More space = bigger and more healthy plants.

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