2nd week of veg phase

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  1. hello all,
    New to these forums, fairly new to growing.
    Running a 3 100 watt cfl grow with one plant in a 5 gal bucket and a fan. My baby seems to be doing fairly well but would like some insight about how she looks. The close ups I feel like I see the pistils, but not to sure.

  2. Forgot to add, accidentally burned a leaf early
    On due to setting it up blacked out. So one of the leaves is burned, I know.
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  3. I can't help it but whenever I see a CFL grow I'm tempted to tell you to get another form of light ASAP.

    They can veg ok but they're so inefficient. CFL's literally put out the least amount of light per watt out of any lighting setup you could use next to incandescent bulbs. They are not good at flowering. They're ok at veg but inefficient, meaning you can get the same amount of light for way less electricity with a different method.

    I've never seen bud grown with CFL's that I would actually look forward to smoking. It's always disappointing. Don't set yourself up for disappointment. Growing is a lot of work. It's not easy no matter how many people tell you it is. It may become easy over time but you're going to be spending many many hours with those plants before you smoke your first cured bowl. I can't see investing my time in something like that and getting results I won't be happy with.

    Treat yourself to a cheap led panel. Even the lower priced ones, if you purchase carefully, will whip the snot out of any CFL setup.

    I hear good things about these.
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  5. Thanks for the input, but I'm more looking for advice and tips for how my plants look with the current set up I have. Maybe in the future I'll switch, but right now I'm just testing the waters, learning the stages and I don't see any other way to become good at growing other than testing everything you can and seeing how it goes. So start with the basics. A cheap light fixture cfl set up that willl get a basic yield. Then next step use what I learned and do better. Then repeat and repeat.
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    100w CFL = 23 actual watts... I do agree with tbone.. with those CFL you may pull 1/2-3/4th an ounce where even a 65$ mars hydro 300 (135W) could yield you 3-4 ounces. The led pays for itself 15x over lol.. I would like to add that 100W CFL equivalents are only 23 actual watts... I'd recommend at least adding 4-6 more warm spectrum CFL to add for flower or you'll just be disappointed and I doubt you'd be anywhat excited for a second grow imo. I mean we are talking about 4-5 months worth of work idk about you but half an O isn't worth it to me lol. If you follow peoples advice it is pretty easy to make it to harvest I don't see the point in wasting almost half a year for a small yield with CFL. But I made the same mistakes so did a lot of the others posting on here when we started out and you can too if you want I'm definitely not gonna try to pressure you lol... just informing you of the differences.
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  7. Thanks for the response. I understand it's not the best way to grow and for me watering my plants and adjusting the lights isn't to big a deal. Once they get to a decent point I think I'll just force flower to get it done with, but a question before.
    What if I were to switch to led bulbs. My 2 fixtures are 75 max and the other one is 100 something max I don't remember ATM. But if I were to switch them with led bulbs would it be better than cfl bulbs?
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  8. Imo yes but not by much... and not the ones you are referring to.. if you are determined to use light fixtures this grow and are opened to switching the lights up some I'd get something like this E27 28 LED Plant Grow Light Efficient Hydroponic Full Spectrum Growing Lamp sdf | eBay I use some of these in my veg room and they work well.. they are only around 9W a piece compared to 23W from the CFL but they shine directly down and no light is wasted like the CFL's... I'd recommend using a mixture of the two the CFL's would be good on the sides of the bucket and those LED's would work fantastic in a power strip with prong to socket connectors 4-6 of em or so would make a decent difference in combination with the CFL's.
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  9. Also I know you don't want to buy an actual LED unit but they do have cheaper ones for 25-35 bucks called UFO grow lights and whatnot just small led panels that would bump up wattage with a bit better light than CFL... don't believe the rated watts though that's just what they can run at most are only ran at 40-60% power some less.
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