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  1. First plant grow ever ! Do you guys think it’s ok ? Does it look male or female ? On 18-6 lighting but when do I switch to 12- 12 ? Tia

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  2. Welcome to GC.
    Looks healthy.
    Lol..........impossible to tell sex.
    You have at least a month before flipping to 12/12.
    Are you familiar with how to grow in coco? You don't treat it like soil.
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  3. Welcome to the City.

    Photoperiods 10 weeks in veg and 10 weeks in flower is what I run. So every 10 weeks I harvest and drop new fully veg stage plants in the just harvested holes..

    Sex doesn't really show until about 2 weeks into the flower cycle.

  4. That’s good news. No I’m totally new so just kind of pieced together info from around the net. I would love any tips please

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