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zoning out

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by supafly, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. why do some people just completly zone out during a high sometimes? why is it people just fuckin' stare into space for so long when they are high?

    just curious

  2. i do it sometimes man. like remember after that dance man. and andrew does it a lot but he does it when hes on speed right. you do it cause you just lose your train of thought and then lose track of time. it happens with weed man
  3. With me i think i zone out cause i think to much! Like if im just chillin and noone is really talkin I'll look around a room and just ask myself lil stupid questions that i can't answer. Pretty soon my mind pretty much takes over and i think bout all kinds of crazy shit from what everyone is thinking to wishin i had like a million dollars and 50 lbs of pot! its real crazy sometimes! lol
  4. yah, my friend andrew takes speed and can zone out for an hour or two. but sometimes he does it when he is high or drunk too. anyway, it happens to everyone. you just go to your little utopia. what if this and that? ya know, its all good.
  5. When a really good buzz hits, thought processes tend to slow down and branch out. You start thinking about one thing and wind up on another planet.

    Or then again the person in question may just be brain dead!!

    Take advantage, when a friend is spaced out, take his hit for him and pass it on!!!
  6. my friend zones out all the time... he'll go into the bathroom, zone out until we go in and get him, then go back in 10 minutes later and zone out again

    and then there's the kind of zoning out when you just kinda 'wake up' and say "WHOA!!!! When did I get here??" when you've been sitting there for an hour... I've done that many a time :rolleyes:
  7. i did that on a greyhound once...i spaced out for like an hour and a half just staring out the window thinking about shit

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