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  1. One night I went over to my friend's house when his parents were out of town and smoked with some friends. We smoked a good 3 g's and were pretty damn high, then my friend started acting like a zombie. Me, being quite stoned, got really scared and ran into my friend's bed room and nearly pissed my pants out of fright.

    As the night went on, my friends and I kept pretending to be zombies until one of my friends took it a bit too far and tried to hit me. Since I was a zombie, I did what any zombie would do and bit the shit out of him, after that one of my friends tried to strangle me with a belt. Good times.
  2. I prefer acting my age
  3. Yea, that's the irony. I am actually a very calm person normally, but when I smoke, I let my imagination go crazy. If you just sit there and act "cool," then you're missing the whole point!

  4. I prefer not letting my age decide how I act.

    I'm watching a zombie movie movie right now as a matter of fact.
  5. Shit last time me and my friends did that I ended up shooting my friend in the shoulder with my uncle's 12 gauge.
  6. Wow, that's pretty extreme.
  7. Hahaha, you were stoned! :hello:
  8. lmao good catch!:d
  9. "haha im so high i bet if i shoot myself right now i wont die!"

  10. What are you talking about about? :p
  11. Sound's super fun. Seems like it got a little violent though once your friend was choking you with a belt.
  12. Yea, we kinda stopped after that; it started to get violent after my friend gave me some very very bitter sweet tea (whiskey).
  13. Wait, he did tell you it was whiskey correct?
    And not tea?
    If not I'm calling bro rape.

  14. HAHHAHAHAHHA!!! omg that's so fucked up!!
  15. Don't ask me, I'm stoned too :hello::wave::hello:

  16. Lol, u got that from white castle.

    I always have dreams of dawn of the dead shit, scares me sometimes.

  17. hahahaha lmao.
    dude yesterday when i was on break at work i rolled up a backwood of some bubblegum n passed to a co worker n he was like ' dude im so high, if someone shot me i wouldnt even notice it i bet" lmao funniest shit at the time IMO:hello: haha
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