Zombie Apocalypse

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  1. This TV show is the shit! I cant wait for the next episode!
  2. Well that's like your opinion man.

  3. ahh ha ha ha
  4. Can they make a 3-d zombie already! sheesh! Dont let me down 2011
  5. dank shit! but i thought bad taste was more of an aliens movie. :cool:

    the walking dead is amazing! as for movie...... hmmmm Night of the Living Dead (1990) remake.
  6. Zombieland - Hands Down
  7. Gotta love woody harrelson!

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    I would they were Zombie Aliens no?

    Ate my first twinky after that move
  9. sure.....? i guess? it has been a while since i've seen that movie.

    it would be nice if someone took one for the team and funded a good zombie movie.

    zombie movies are dying with the new gen, because everyone is so damn cheap.

    the walking dead is a huge step up and its a fuckin' tv show! DANK! :D

  10. The Walking Dead was awesome!
    There are a bunch of zombie movies in the works so a couple of them are bound to be good! I hope :rolleyes: Upcoming Zombie Movies | New Zombie Movies | Zombie Zone News

  11. chyea! let me know if you see anything new!
  12. I heard Zombieland 2 will be 3D

  13. i hope freaken ao
  14. 3d!!!!! Amazazazazing
  15. my top three are

    Dawn of the dead (the classic)
    Resident evil 1&2
    28 days later.

    Ive read World war Z by max brooks like 5 times, The Zombie survival guide also about 5 times. And i have the umbrella corp logo from resident evil tattooed on my arm. when i get my cam ill upload a picture of it.
  16. uh yea you better ^! They are making a World War Z its a movie Ive been waiting for! I want the Walking Dead books for xmas or at least a couple.
  17. Didn't think much of Zombieland, it was ok I guess, pretty funny in places. Shaun of the Dead, that's where it's at!

  18. Thats funny I thought Shaun of the Dead was trash. I would group that IMO with the worst zombie movies eva. sorry

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