Zombie Apocalypse

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  1. So im kinda a zombie freak and love all things zombie (books,movies,games,etc.) I just love em!
    So what I wanna know is whats your fav zombie movie or zombie anything?! ha ha ha
    My all time fav zombie movie is Bad Taste directed by peter jackson. Its so funny and deff a must see!:D
  2. Zombieland & Shaun of the Dead. :D

    I also like the Resident Evil movies, newer Dawn/Land/etc.. of the Dead remakes and 28 Days Later.
  3. So many zombie flicks out there;Lets see, Dead Alive (also a Peter Jackson flick, but I'm sure you knew that already) Tomb Of The Blind Dead 1-4, and The Dead Next Door are worth mentioning; Not my favorites, but wholesome family fun none the less!
  4. Ive been dieing to see RE5 3-D in the theaters! Zombieland is hysterical and I had my first twinkie shortly after! There are so many good ones on Netflix! I love it!

  5. I havent heard of this Tomb of the blind dear 1-4?! do tell more! is it a season type deal or just sequel of a sequel kinda thing?
  6. In zombieland in that Red and white gas station (CitGo) they actually paid my aunt 500 dollars and every owner in the plaza to film their. The part where he goes to the gas station abthroom and theres a zombie and it pops out the bathroom and chases him to his car.

    Just fyi. lol

  7. Thats awesome! right place at the right time i guess! i wld of sat there all day for 500 bills :) just an fyi
  8. my favorite one is 28 weeks later, my favorite scene is when the soldiers are mowing down civilians and zombies with machine guns and that awesome music comes on, baked it was definately an awesome movie
  9. World War Z is fucking awesome.

  10. World War Z is such a good read Max Brooks is the man! You know they are in the process of turning it into a movie! Prob wont be as epic but cross your fingers

  11. 28 days and 28 weeks later were both awesome!

  12. Professor Maybe instead of all that copying and pasting you should have read the thread! this has nothing to do with surviving a zombie infestation. So all those links are pointless.
  13. resident evil 123 (havnt seen 4 yet) (these are movies)
    zombie strippers
    28 days/ weeks later

    left 4 dead 1 (games)

    zombie servival guide (book)

    i love fucking zombies!!!! cant wait till they take over should be one hell of a fun time:smoke:
  14. Zombieland, shaun of the dead and 28 days later..
    Zombies are the shit.. :D
  15. Or maybe he was just being nice, providing a ton of links to zombie-related threads, since you seem to have an interest in them.

    I'm pretty sure anything related to zombies falls under "zombie anything," which you mentioned in the first post. ;)

  16. Zombie Strippers is soo funny! It was filmed in Nebraska a week before or a week after i left i cant remember...point is i missed it! Waaa! But the movie was amazing none the less!

    As for the Zombie survival guide not really a fan. If you havent read World War Z you have to it goes hand in hand with the survival guide and its by the same author! (Max Brooks)

    I also recommend Fido - movie its really funny.

    I appreciate a fellow zombie lover such as myself :)

  17. Gotcha! Yea just seemed like he was being a douche with the whole (the search bar is your friend bleh bleh bleh shit) I was nearly pointing at that mine had nothing to do with any of those links!
  18. im a george romero fan my self my favorite is a tie between the original 1978 dawn of the dead and day of the dead i dont know why but i just love the cult classics real zombies slow moving

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