Zob Halo Perc

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  1. has anyone had experience with the Zob Halo percs?

    not that I'm interested in buying one, I'm just curious to know if they're any better than domes or trees. pretty much just seems like a cool looking dome perc to me.

  2. they are pretty cool and all but i find they drag compared to most tree percs.

  3. that's what i was thinking, it almost seems like a well designed dome perc would have less drag.
  4. draggy and inferior
  5. draggy and prone to breakage
  6. I love my halo perc bubbler but I wouldn't buy a tube with it.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIfcMeirxk8]YouTube - Zob Halo Mini[/ame]
  7. the bub looks nice.

    i'm a fan of straight tubes anyway, i was just feeding my curiosity, and wanted to know if i could confirm my suspicions.

    they just started getting ZOBs in my LHS and they all went fast as hell. i figure it's because the people around my town don't know shit about glass and buy anything that costs a lot and looks cool.
  8. zobs are quality from what i have read
  9. yeah my friend has a ZOB mini. it's like 13 inches and has two 8 arm tree percs.

    i was going to get a ZOB beaker until i got my Illy
  10. i dont like my buddies 21 inch beaker bottom halo perc'd zob. it was about 450 dollars, and in my opinion hits like complete shit compared to my 160 dollar 5150 bong. so much drag i couldnt believe it
  11. i have a zob ahlo with a carbon attachment i love it!

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