ZOB 32 arm custom, worth it?

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  1. Wondering, saw this in a local shop, birthday came and was going to treat myself to something in the custom range finally. And I couldn't find any other customs in my area. Think this is worth 950? The blue and fire colored ZOB. The one behind it is out of my price range, but think they're overcharging or worth it?

  2. no, those are more for novelty and dont function as well as you would think, although if you really like it I know the clear ones go for 500+ so 950 isn't too bad for a fully worked one. If you really wanted to treat yourself with that kind of money, you would scope out a Sovereignty Peyote Pillar on boromarket when subscriptions open, or ALT and get one of if not the best hitting pieces out there
  3. I actually thought about the peyote pillar honestly, been looking for it because I don't like to order my glass, I figure too much of a rick for something expensive to break but then again plenty order these days and don't have any issues. I just figured most people have Sovereignty or illadelph. I've only seen 3 of the zobs of that style though, but kinda hard to find someone who's actually ripped that type of ZOB. But yea I'll take a look on boromarket to see what they have, they're about as custom as it goes.
  4. This the buried treasures custom case? I've seen videos of that tube and it looks pretty legit. Also if 950 is the asking price you can def haggle that down a good bit with them.
  5. That is awesome, definitely worth the 950 if you like it. I respect whoever made that.

    IS THAT A DOUBLE CHAMBER QUAD TREE BEHIND THAT? get that thing for sure!!!!
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    Nah, well yea, on top they have a brand called "Pyrex Glass" actually that is the label, some decent 200 to 300 range, although they don't carry a lot of other brands, seems they get a major hook up from zob, the same tube style but clear with a red lable(can see the side of it in the pic) is there as well as a few other off brand, or one of a kind pieces. Although I tried to haggle a 311$ bong and the clerk said they don't haggle :/

    And it's a double chamber behind it, but that's a bit more than what I wanna spend I think it was 1300, not worth it to me. They did have a similar quad chamber but I didn't see a price, been there for 5 years and no ones bought it.
  7. may i ask what store this is?
  8. Respect to the owners of the store sorry can't say. If I could I would, they have some cool stuff.
  9. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY9hBnGw-1w&feature=related[/ame]
    Looks pretty awesome to me.
  10. Haha, I know exactly where that is, even the spot on the shelf in the shop... I marvel at everything in that corner when I'm there. I stop in every time I'm on xxxxxx street.

    That thing's a beast, if you get it you better invite me over :D
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    The roors are almost shut out by the crazy stuff that corner. If you saw a clear and blue double chamber single tree(8 arms per tree) with a beaker bottom that disappeared, yea that's mine now, but it actually broke the night we got it, freaking let a butterfingers clean it. Now it's a gift to the bong gods...
  12. A buddy of mine bought the old LW 3 x 10 awhile back. It has three little ten arms all in one chamber. It was alright, fun and caught attention, but was no smoother than a toro 7/13. A bit draggy too since it used a downstem.
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    Man, I honestly never even give the roors a second glance, they have so much more that catches my eye... Sorry to hear about the misfortune, was it a Zob that broke? Just tell the guys at the shop, you know they'll come down on any price but a good story helps...

    EDIT: I just saw where you said they don't haggle. You had the wrong clerk, dude. Tell them you have cash, you're replacing a broken piece you bought there (true or not), and go from there. I got this HVY there. Paid the standard "sale price" for the bong and got the ash catcher for about 60% off. When my cat broke the a/c my girl went and got a new one for almost the same deal.
  14. Looks to me like they put tooo much water in on that milkvid.

    Either way, it's a stunning bong. I don't even really like Zob personally, but wow.
  15. Well it's funny, I've had a clerk there that knew nothing about any of the brands, and I had another happy to pull em out and show em of, even explained the new ownership of ZOB and a few other brands. But the one that broke was "Pyrex Glass" as teh label on the bong said but I'd never heard of them, sturdy built solid piece though, I got pics somewhere off my phone after the break.

    But yea th3_chr0nic, from what everyone says, it's a fun show piece, cwerainly beter than a standard bong, but more special occasion but bit of a overkill compared to a simpler toro. But then again, aiming for uniqueness. But yea getting a ash catcher so I don't ruin the color of the bong so fast.

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