Zippo lighters.

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  1. I may not remember that well, but isn't it bad to use zippo lighters with a pipe or bong? I know its okay for anything rolled, but since pipes and bongs need the lighter constantly lit, aren't zippos not recommended since they use butane?

    Or am I just remembering things wrong?
  2. Zippo lighters are windproof, they stay lit consistently. Personally, I've never tried one with a bong. But, I assume they would work magic.
  3. I wouldn't use one with my bong, the amount of lighter fluid they give off would kill the taste of the bud and give you a head ache.
  4. Not great, bics are better.
  5. Yeah I'd say stick with bic lighters, Zippo's are just expensive and mainly for cigarettes/joints.
  6. its actually hard cuz you cant really get the flame to point into the bowl. and yea it uses alot of lighter fluid making it taste kinda bad.
  7. Your hits gonna taste like butane. I wouldn't recommend using a zippo for anything your going to smoke
  8. i used to have one till it got robed, have zippos specially made for pipes
  9. besides the fact that smoking with zippos tastes like ass, its fine to use...

    oh, and zippos don't use butane
  10. It tastes like shit but if you have no choice go for it.:smoke:
  11. Zippo lighters do not use butane. They use a compound called Naphtha. It is very harmful to be inhaled.
  12. Matches all the way
  13. lol yeah, that's what i'm talkin about....

    real G's use matches
  14. I keep a zippo on the table for the beeline.
  15. this

    and all lighters are butane
  16. Actually zippos do not use butane, they use a fluid. Butane is a gas. Zippo's are the worst thing you could use to light your herbs.
  17. This. It is worth noting that while the traditional Zippos run on Naptha, There is a new line of Zippos called BLU that run on Butane.
  18. Traditional zippos arent butane... i think all the zippo-styled butane lighters brought about that idea.

    To answer the qestion; I wouldnt use any butane lighter to smoke weed. Remember the active ingredients are released at a temperature below the plants ignition temperature, so the cooler you can keep it, the more THC you will actually be getting into your body, and not just vaporizing into thin air before its even in the smoke your inhaling.

    Some times people forget that smoke doesnt equal THC, or I'd be blowing all my hits into a big sack and saving for later. The smoke is just a bi-product from traditionally heating the materials beyond the point of ignition.

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