zig zag blunt wraps?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by CiARAd.NS, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. are they any good? compared to juicy blunts, double platinum &+ royal blunts whats the dif?
  2. I like zig-zag raps cause they have 2 in one and the package is resealable, they taste great too
  3. i like em they taste great :smoke::smoke:
  4. My new favorite blunt wraps. Just smoked my first one yesterday! Taste is AMAZING, they burn REALLY slow (slower than dutchies), and the re-sealable pack is a nice touch. Did i mention a pack of 2 is only a dollar where i live? Dutchmasters are like $1.50-2.00 where i get them and they don't taste as good and they're a pain to break down and prep. Also, usually by the time i get to the end of a fat blunt using dutchmasters it's pretty soft and shitty. These zig zags stay strong the entire time until your burning your lips. Good bye dutchies, hello Zig Zag blunt wraps! SOOO HOOKED ON THESE

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