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'Zeta' Anyone??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by lilshane80, May 12, 2010.

  1. Ok, when i went to California the past summer i heard someone there talk about a strain called Zeta that is apparently really expensive, but unlike any other bud it is mildly hallucinagenic.

    Has anyone heard of it or smoked it?Know the prices? etc..

  2. Yes! My friend had it and I smoked some.
    He got it from the Farmacy.
    $90 eigth.
    Its dank but I wouldn't say hallucinagenic..
  3. the 'farmacy' in santa monica/L.A area?
  4. alright, next time i get around that area im gunna check it out.

    thanks man
  5. 90 an eight? Holy crap. I bought a dub for 20? (Grace, Samo area on centinela and pico) Its dank, really uplifting :D
  6. lol @ 4 month old post reply
  7. All marijuana is a mild hallucinogen. Anything more than $60 an eighth is ridiculous. Time is money!
  8. Apothecary 420 has Earth OG Kush for $122 per 8th. I shit you not. That's a $.50 price break from the $35 per gram price.

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