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  1. It seems to me that in order to externalize your thoughts, you have to create conflict. Writing, and even speech, are technological attachments, like the bio-technological artifacts of your body; attachments.

    The more attached to ones writing one becomes the more tortured souls the soul becomes. Always in extreme conflict in their mind, because their immense writing becomes a curse; a mountain of roads and by-roads that lead the mind in twists and turns spins and bounces, like deers and gazelles dancing in an open field while they chase butterflies, the unravelling form of the formless void gazes back through them on for eternity, leaving cold fingers on their narrow body.

    But what of zen writing.
  2. Don't allow it, don't disallow it. Let it be. This is zen writing. The conflict we create in thought is when we feel strongly about how something should be or how it shouldn't be forgetting about how it arrived to be under its own terms. We create this conflict when we try to alter states like how a white person would say something like a black person would need more soap suds. What does that indicate? The belief that black man used to be white at some point in time? This is incredibly selfish thinking and what is selfishness in the first place? Whenever we change our perception to only suit us we create conflict. Constantly and persistently because we refuse to accept as is and whenever we do that we create conflict in attempting to change what is which in turn creates conflict within us. Zen writing is simply observation without interaction. Hope this helps answer any questions you might have had. Keep on smoking bro :smoke:
  3. If we allow it or not is their not prejudice in our very expression of the void? Is it possible to detach a thought that one has already given something?

    We create whatever we analyze. So if one wants to demonstrate zen. One must create something which when analyzed is zen. Because one cannot create or write zen. Simple tricks of text and line only betray the mind.

  4. Such as zen being a label :smoke:
  5. i like this

    you gotta take everything you read with some objectiveness and give yourself to the ideas of it not the books themself because they are all only fingers pointing to the moon , when reading books of spiritual nature it takes alot more intuition and reflection rather then reading itself because the truth is within you always , the books just snap you awake for a second
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    but all the twists and turns are fun, it leads to LOVE

    you'll know it when the truth is let out of you, its a headache

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