Yup im soo lost

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by snatz20, Jul 15, 2002.

  1. 1. Why feminize plants? Seems like a waste of time to me
    2. Im an outdoor grower, how would i force flower without too many people noticing (ie my parents)
    3. I have 1 plant thats lil over a foot tall. how do i make it grow faster so it can be ready in a month or 2?
    4. Fertilizer? How much?
    5. I heard about peroxide cleaning? Sounds dangerous seeing how that shit burns my skin im scared it my kill my plants?

  2. #1 So you have plenty of bud and no unsmokable males. But if you like picking seeds, its your plants, do what you want.

    #2 Why are you worried about people seeing the forced flowering. I would be more worried about people seeing the entire plnt and smelling it as well.

    #3 move it indoors and put it under a light. You can rush the sun and mother nature outdoors, you are totally at the mercy.

    #4 buy a bottle of Schultz bloom fertilizer, i.e. a 10-60-10 fert. Once every two weeks will be fine for outdoors.

    #5 never heard of this!
  3. are males totally unsmokable as in they wont get me and my boyz high?
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  4. the only people i see on my property are my family, so im not too worried bout the smell and im just worried about them noticing my plant from a distance
  5. how old are you?

  6. You can smoke males, hell anything that can light, burn and produce smoke can be smoked. But the males will give you a headache and make you puke. Some people enjoy pain, I don't.
  7. im 16, well turning 16 in a couple months
  8. k my plant has lil white hairs, does that mean that it is a male not matter what or do females have lil white hairs too, cuz like these hairs are super small? and if it is a male how do i make it female?

  9. Only females have little white hairs. Males have little greenish-white upside down flowers. Only God can turn a male into a female in the plant kingdom.
  10. Snatz...what you really ought to do is rip them pretty ladies out of the ground and thank god the cops haven't caught you already. Your family could lose their land, home and anything else of value. Save your growing for a couple of years til you can get your own place.

    Peace dude!
  11. when do i start to flower? whenever i want? is there a specific height, leaf count, ect. that will tell me when i can flower? and ive seen some pics that ndicabud and jjk0091 put up and um...my plant doesnt look nuttin like those, mines like 13 inches tall and has like 10 leaves and no branches or nuttin, all the leaves are branchin out of the stem, did i do something wrong?
  12. shit im a fucking dumbass i really shoulda learnt about what i was doing before i started, eh?, shit sorry about the dumb questions

  13. If your outdoors, Momma Nature gets to decide when they flower not you! Unless you want to go throw lightproof cloth over your plants evey day you have to wait until Sept or Oct to harvest in the USA.
  14. k im willing to transplated my plant into a pot and moved it into my closet so i can force flower, but when should i do this, ive already transplated once and i want to give it the longest possible break before i transplant again

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