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    I have about a half pound of trimmings/leafs all from indoor plants, any good recipies that anyone know that are amazing:smoking:?

    Sorry if posted in wrong spot, i'm super stoned.
  2. You tell me what you wanna eat, I'll give you a bomb ass recipe.
  3. I have really high tolerance, I want something that'll put my ass in another demention. haha:smoking:
  4. I guarantee you wont make ones that will put you in another dimension if you have a "really high" tolerance man. You will just feel nice and stoned in more of a body high way instead of a quick head high.
  5. Not true! Be very careful with whatever you end up making. Although ingesting MJ is a slower method, it can be just as powerful a high.

    The problem is, depending on what you make (tinctures for example) they can be pretty potent. Since it takes sometimes an hour or two to feel it, many a person has assumed a weak dose and taken more too early. Whatever you make, start out slow, and make sure to give it time to work so you can best determine your medible dosage.

    If you take too many medibles you can be in for a very un-fun ride! Problem is, you wont know if you took too much until it is way too late to stop. Not like smoking.

    That being said, I love me my medibles. Tincture in a coffee or tea hits the spot for me.

  6. ....one more bit of advice:

    If you make cookies or brownies, make a batch that contains no MJ. Nothing bums me out more than to have a medible cookie, only to want a few more cookies but can't as all I made are medibles!


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