Yucca and Yarrow

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  1. Hey everybody I have recently acquired both a yucca and yarrow plant and I'm excited about both. The reason I have gotten these is because if I recall correctly both are used in organic gardening. However, my issue is I do not know how to properly use these plants in my garden. If someone could help me out the would be excellent. Thanks for any help it is much appreciated.

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  2. I can't speak for yucca, but Yarrow can be dried and crushed, and the powder used as a good soil amendment. Fresh is also great for composting/vermicomposting/mulching.
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  3. Excellent can you just use the leaves or flowers as well? Flowers would probably be better for like a pesticide or something along those lines maybe? And does this replace anything in a soil mix or is it just in addition to other things...in case you are wondering I usually stick to kelp, neem/karanja, alfalfa and recently I've been using crab shell. Thanks again! Oh could I brew this up in a tea also like I do with nettles and dandelion and borage?

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  4. Here's a site with information about using yarrow as well as several other plants in your garden.

    Plants to the Rescue of Plants

    Yucca has saponins which have been shown to increase a plant's SAR ( systemic acquired resistance) and is also used as a surfactant in IPM sprays to emulsify horticultural oils such as neem and karanja. The saponins are extracted from the leaf, trunk and roots.

    Some species of yucca are susceptible to fungal disease so it doesn't hurt to include them in your IPM routine.
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  5. Awesome chunk thanks for the wonderful knowledge. How would one go about extracting the saponins from yucca would I just throw this in a tea I am brewing?

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  6. susceptible or resistant?
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  7. Susceptible.......I have one in my landscape that routinely gets a fungal leaf spot. It's an environmental thing though Sc00by..........Yuccas only need to be watered once a week in the summer and once a month in the winter.

    It rains here in the PNW half the year so it's an uphill battle. The plant was on the property when we bought it in '04 and I've threatened to take it out for the last several years but haven't yet.
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  8. why is it good to add to the IPM routine if its susceptible? wouldn't logic dictate the opposite? :confused_2:
  9. Pretty sure he's saying to spray the yucca plant to protect it.
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  10. oh right! :blush:
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  11. Glad we got that straightened out!!!
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