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Discussion in 'General' started by iSPARK, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. So, the government drafts you into the Army to go fight in the war, do you go?

    Personally I would do everything in my power to not go, I don't want to trade humanity for patriotism.

    V0t3 1t uP!

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  2. Considering its the law, yes.
  3. Can't you get out of the draft by going to college? If so, I'm safe for another few years.
  4. There are plenty of ways to get out of a draft
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    I would go, then get thrown out right after the first physical. Im a Diabetic, no clue why I even had to sign up for the draft. Already tried to join and they will not take you for even small problems now.
  6. As much as I would hate it I would remember that I feel dead inside already anyway.
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  7. If I had to move to Canada I would...fuck the draft. I may be a part of America but I don't support the governments reasons for going to war. Now if this was like World War II or something along those lines where we are clearly on the right side, go ahead and draft me up.
  8. Fuck no, id fight whoever is drafting me.
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  9. I wouldnt go no matter what.
  10. Yeah I feel the same way, if it's for the greater good I would deal with it and try and do my best. I can't knowingly kill people whom I think are innocent in a war that I don't support

  11. I second this.
  12. Pretty sure its still this way, however who knows if they would change that rule.
  13. Joining when something like World War II happens with clear enemies and no moral grey I think its our duty to help somehow.

    It's the right way to think we shouldn't even be in the middle east right now while we got a whole litany of our own problems. No need to go muck around in their quagmire when we got our own shit storm brewing.

    I wouldn't want to be drafted to a war like 'Nam when soldiers came back they were booed. Hate the government not our soldiers. They are just following orders.
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  14. I agree to an extent, because no one is ever drafted anymore so the soldiers are willingly going over and fighting. I think before anyone joins they should really consider if they actually believe in what they are fighting for, and if they do then that is 100% okay. But if not then you're sacrificing someone else's life to enhance the quality of your own. Whether it be for the money or because you "just want to".
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  15. Yeah I'd go. I've always considered joining the navy anyway :confused_2:
  16. i won't kill for the state, i'll take my prison sentence.
  17. yeah i would serve.
  18. I wouldn't fight.

    I'd go to jail, but in all honesty I'd probably try to flee first.
  19. Hmm, what would happen if say, I was drafted and went, but simply refused to fire a weapon. Like in training already, I would just not pull the trigger. Would I just be yelled at until I do it, kicked out, moved to dishwasher...?

    Cause I was gonna say, "They can make me join the army but they can't make me shoot a gun." Then I started wondering, CAN they make me shoot a gun? :(
  20. They would probably do something like this before they kicked you out, that or clean toilets or cook or something non combative.
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