YouTube raids?

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  1. Anyone noticed that maybe some of there favorite youtube growers have now shutdown there channels due to a suspicion that people are being raided?

    I noticed my #1 channel has been closed for a week or two...and happened to check out another good grow channel and his too was shut down for i dont know how long.

    Went to a 3rd channel that I know is popular and he had removed all but one video and the video addressed that it is possible that what is happening is that feds are raiding growers.

    i personally do not have anything growing but if i did and put it on youtube, i would only do it from a wireless ip which wasnt mine or from a library :D
  2. You underestimate the federal government. It would be easy for them to find any one of these growers and take them down. It's a stupid idea to post videos of it on youtube unless you can legally grow a cannabis plant.

    If they got raided, it is their own fault.
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  3. Espesially since small time cancer patants marijuana growers are there main priority i mean fuck terroests lets fuck up some old people.
  4. bubububbbutttt the terrorists and criminals actually shoot back at us. It's so much easier to just mess with some harmless stoners and medicinal mj growers.
  5. Put a video on youtube when you're behind no security (like 90% of people)
    And it's as simple as tapping the username into the keyboard.
    Getting an IP, contacting the ISP, getting an address.

  6. Unless your a legal medicinal grower :cool:

  7. Which the bigger channels usually are.
    There's a lot of growers who aren't too x)
  8. What are some grow channels I should sub to?
  9. urbangrower
  10. You can't legally grow a cannabis plant.
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  12. Considering it's illegal on the federal level, you can get busted under any circumstance. Though, according to Weeds you can grow a certain number of plants, but when you harvest them it becomes illegal. But that's a television show.
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    Medical or not remember according to fda dea and FBI and hnic cannabis is a controlled substance and will be treated like one for some time to come. Patient or not dea can always kick down your door and go ape shit on your plants just for the hell of it.
  14. Exactly.
  15. I thought you could grow it for medical reasons according to state law(in some states)? Federal law of course sees it as a controlled substance.
    Doesn't matter for me, I'm in a non medical state lol.

    Not necessarily referring to the United States either, you can grow it in some places. I've seen a few international grow channels.
  16. This.
  17. Try living in a country where its illegal for definite no excuses whatsoever...
    the closest spot to us where we can smoke without fear is amsterdam (which ironically "relaxed" their drug policy around the same ireland time got round to making it illegal).....which is 1000 miles away over a fucking ocean...
    weve all jus got crossed fingers that american policies will eventually be copied here...
    ben waitin for a while do...
    have a feelin il be waitin for another
  18. Technically us US citizens do. The same case can be made around the world, it's medical purposes are irrefutable. (hurrrrrr that's why it's illegal, right?) Just stressing the point that it is not legal in ANY country. Tolerated, yes. Legalized? Fat chance.

  19. To set this strait, there is noting legal about growing MJ right now in the U.S.
    There isn't a law to save you from anything Federal.

    People forget about the Federal jurisdiction system, and they just focus on the State laws, and the what the state says.

    Yo guys, Welcome to reality. Dozens of licensed to the Very Bone Medical Dispensaries are raided ect......... Even in California still. Its a shame people forget that, sail the wind, till they finnaly screw themselves(Growing/Distributing)

    You see it to many time's. The Feds even class the drug as Schedule 1, which is the highest priority to them. So they have to do there job, and take it seriosly if anything involves marijuana, the same as Barbiturates(which is fuckin ridiculous)
  20. Growing cannabis is legal in Amsterdam and such places where there is no punishment. Growing cannabis in the US is illegal on a federal level, Where its legal by only the state but DEA can come in and raid your house and/or close medical marijuana dispenseries.

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