Youre A Slave

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  2. Cool video tasty. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I believe the word is sheeple*.
  4. your the slave
  5. The way they present that video is like a fear tactic. Creepy feel to the video I dont like it. 
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    Nice Zeitgeist rip off.
    I have a probelm with this line of thinking. Not so much the idea that we are slaves. But the fact that this turd dosn't state. Even without money, we would still be slaves!
    Instead of working a menial job (his words not mine) we would spend our days working on producing our basic needs. Food, clothes, shelter. None of those things come easy. You will spend as much or more time trying to fulfill these needs without money.
    So what then? A barter system? OK, so spend all day creating something you can trade for other basic needs. But, you are spending your day dealing with basic needs. And if it's not a need of today, it's stockpiling thngs for tomorrow. or for your family.
    In the end it comes down to survival. Money or not, we are still going to have to spend the majority of our time looking out for ourselves. Not sure how it's any better.
    As to the rest, or bling as he calls it. That' s on the individual.
  7. True story.

    Nope. Even being aware that you're a slave doesn't make you much less of a slave.
    It's true that it goes deeper than money, but in this system you're not just working for your needs. You're working to pay off the debt of the government,  The money we have is essentially without value as it's ohly backed by 0s and 1s at the Fed and military force in the oil market. That's a problem.
    We were doing that before we became a nation any way!
    If you have an idea for a better system in which we people can meet our basic needs, and at the same time secure our homes and businesses from thieves, our boarders from aggressors, will help settle disputes with judgement by our peers, and will help you supplement your income during your retirement when you finally can't work. Then I'm all ears. Especially if you can find a way to do tat without taxes.
    But that doesn't exist, someone has to pay for that stuff.
    uh oh, pullin the anti-zeitgeist card!
  10. Not sure how calling that a zeitgeist rip off is pulling an anti zeitgeist card.
  11. We were creating artificial value of currency with computers before 1776? Or do you mean paying government, which is why we became a nation? We had no income tax until that tyrant Lincoln, and our current income tax came under Roosevelt. We were doing just fine without it. In fact our economy grew at it's fastest rate between those 2 periods.
    No one needs their income supplemented during retirement. It's called saving and investing. Look where people trusting the government to save for them has ended up. The fact that people confuse wants with needs is why they ask for so much from the government and claim it's a necessity when no one is entitled to anything from a government besides the protection of their rights. No one has to pay for any one else's stuff because everyone is responsible for themselves.
    I have an idea for a better system. It's called a free market, not this crony-capitalistic regulated market. The private sector could provide better services than a government ever could and the people's actions in the market would regulate the economy better than any centralized banking system. Without government interference, everyone has equal opportunities, and the best part: it's all tax free.
  12. It's amazing the amount of dispute even within the group of people that believe we need a revolution. If we can't all work together and overcome the differences within our small community, how can we hope to overcome the corruption which creates slaves out of people?
  13. Becoming more self sufficient,less reliant,more in self control,and more aware is an understatement to break the unseen shackles.
  14. Even if you didn't have to work for money to ensure survival, you'd still be a slave to material desires and you're all afraid of death
  15. Mad Respect Tasty you seem like a legit dude. Cool video. But... Mr. Walter Bishop's got it all figured out. If you want to consider it such, we are slaves to our own bodies needs :ey: . I nor consider myself a slave to my physical needs nor to the financial system. :metal:  a.k.a. (I'm a Badass)
    I used to be Matt F; but today I was reborn anew with my new name and avatar haha.
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    i consider myself a slave to the financial system but i find it alright to be a slave to being human
    and whatever i am beyond human is hopefully fucking awesome
    grab life by the testicles
  17. whaaat this shit is going to hell in 5-15 years anyways, so fuck it.
  18. But being a slave to your wants just makes you your own slavemaster, what's wrong with that? As Ayn Rand said, selfishness is a virtue. It's the strongest drive to be productive and self-sufficient. By Adam Smith's invisible hand concept, the individuals' efforts to maximize their own gains in a free market benefits society, regardless of whether or not they mean for any good to come as a result. As for that last bit

    Being a slave to your own wants is wrong because your wants can never be satisfied you always want more, and to get more you have to take away from others. Selfishness is not a virtue, Ayn Rand was wrong. When the only goal is to maximize your own gains you end up doing more harm than good.
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    First sentence: Because resources are finite, the unlimited wants can never be satisfied. This is an axiom of our existence, and has no bearing on what is right and wrong. 
    Bold is an outright lie. Voluntary trade is historically proven to be the best, most effective way of acquiring satisfactions.
    Your last sentence is not necessarily true either (for the same reason). If your goal is to maximize your own gains without coercing others, you need not harm anyone. 
    That's Ayn Rand in my avatar, by the way.

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