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  1. My Experience:
    One day I was stoned out of my mind and I realized I was completely in a different universe. It all started back when me and 5 of my friends saved up $115 and bought us a half ounce of some Platinum Kush. As the day progressed we picked up more and more people and they all brought their own drops (All were 3.5 grams and above luckily), if I recall they had brought some dank God's Gift. This is when the smoke sesh really began to happen. Another friend had come through with his drops being a whole batch of some "special brownies" [​IMG] I consumed about 2 of these brownies and being an experienced smoker, smoked bowl after bowl out of pipes and bongs passed around in a circle. It was a magical experience as I stepped out of the hotboxed 1 room house. My eyes went from normal to blacked out for a good 2 minutes and I realized that I was completely gone. I went to my friend's house right after with about an eighth still left over, and after everybody split, 3 of us stayed for some gravity bong hits. After two milky gravity bong hits, I was completely floored. I couldn't walk straight, sitting down felt like heaven, and I was too high to even comprehend what I was saying to other people. It just sounded like a bunch of gibberish. I went home about an hour and a half later and passed out. All in all we smoked about 16-18 grams of dank buds in one sitting, and with the other people being lightweights, it was mainly consumed by me and 2 other somewhat experienced stoners. It was a magical experience, even if I found myself being WAYYY too high. I didn't have a bad day, but what are your experiences?

    TL;DR: What are you're "Too High" experiences, feel free too share your stories. [​IMG]
  2. good thing your experianced
  3. I made green dragon (with everclear) with 30$ worth or some close amount. The first night I had a teaspoon and hardly felt a thing. The next night (some time later) I decided to just drink the rest to guarantee an effect.

    I was in wonderland, first I played AB on World of Warcraft with my hunter and played the best game of my life. Anything that happened, it seemed, I was in full comprehension of it and had already PRE acted accordingly. After one game I felt like listening to music. It took me 30 minutes+ to figure out how to get a CD in the CD player and get it playing music. Once the music started I lay on the couch and listened, for how long I do not know. My memory after that is kind of fuzzy. I got up at 6 for a field trip still feeling a little residual effects and the people going with me asked me if I did any mind altering substances the night before! I don't even know how they sensed it but I just laughed and said no and tried to act normal. Good times lol.
  4. Whenever I get super baked I always think my cat is high too. She just keeps purring and shit and won't stop staring at me. It's like the commercial where the dog is all pissed cuz the dude is smoking pot. Fuckin cat.
  5. Lol, I've been there before. One day I was so gone I couldn't figure out how to sit on a chair. It sounds ridiculous, but thinking back at it, it was pretty funny. I eventually figured out how to sit. It had only took me 10-20 seconds to figure out how to sit, but damn did it feel like forever!
  6. Oh joy, that feeling. I get it a lot.
  7. Once when I was a kid I got in trouble for weed and had to do community service. The city workers I was with passed around a small joint and I hit it a couple times. Either it hit me wrong or there was more than weed in there because I was too fucked up to even continue to pretend to turn over the flower beds with the others.
    Ironic that I was there for using weed and those guys got me unfunctionally high.
  8. I was at a pregame 420 (4/19) party this year and I decided that after a few shots I should quit drinking so I can remain social the rest of the night.
    Well I ended up smoking about 3 grams of white widow to myself and then had some bong sessions with other strains of dank.

    Then I got out of my chair and realized I couldn't take another step, and fell backwards and hit my head on the table.
    That night was ridiculous.

  9. Your cat: WhereRDaCookies, I miss my're not the same when you're high...screw you I'm going outside
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    Ah! Years ago back during my freshman year in high school, me and my friends went to go match with another one of our friends, lol. Our friend had another person over at her house that we didn't know to well, and he brought out some of his bud and rolled up 2 joints. Turns out that those joints were filled with Chewey! As soon as I got up, my eye sight went black and I could barely see anything. It was a good feeling, but a little unexpected. I was completely out for the next 3 hours because of it. Scared the crap outta me
  11. Just now I was sitting on my couch watching my roommate play video games. He was talking with his friend on Xbox Live and I was just sitting there eating applesauce out of the jar. I was thinking about how cool it was that we could hang out whenever we wanted (we've been in college 4 years, yet now I apparently just realized its magnitude?)
    After a few moments I just blurted out "We get to hang out every time."
    He looked at me, then at the applesauce, then at me, and put two and two together.
  12. I've been high to the point where I've had disassociative experiences, like I can feel like I'm outside of my body. One time, I was sitting on the couch watching tv after smoking two bowls and two joints worth of high grade kush. I couldn't feel my face or body, and felt like I was floating but not sitting there. I couldn't move my arms or legs. It was trippy.

    Another time was when I was hanging out with two friends...we shared 3 joints and then went to a stoner cafe to use the vaporisers...holy crap, did I get baked. My friend's face looked like it was floating like a balloon, and everything looked like a pop up book. Then we went outside and everything became hilarious...a random person yelling became uproarious. I had to restrain myself from laughing, but gave in a few times. it was fun.
  13. When i went to college with my sis while i was a junior in hs i toked with some college kids
    These kids had their own house and shit so we smoked in a living room type place so it was mad cool
    This kid pulled out a qp and a bunch of paper packets dutches and bongs and sed everyone take something
    I grabbed this foot tall bong and told the kid wit the qp i wanted an eigth
    The kid mustve gave me 5 grams because it was way to much to be 3.5 but i didnt complain
    I got thru maybe 2 grams outta this bong and i cudnt function whatsoever
    I was couchlocked and felt like there was explosions in my stomach
    Thts the only thing i could feel was the explosions lol
    I went to the bathroom and lit that shit up hahaha
    But we smoked till we passed out soo it was a good night
  14. When I smoked before class after popping some unmentionables and almost fainted

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