Your thoughts ? 9 days flowering

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  1. My babies have Been In flowering for 10 days , In 3,963 gallons pots , the Two more bushy are topped And The taller iv not touched .Your thoughts ?

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  2. Interested on your final weight of topped vs not topped for a 1 on 1 face off.

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  3. Yeah im really interested To see how It Will result I Will keep update
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  4. Where can I find pots that are 3,963 gallons?
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  5. They look healthy...
  6. The magical instrument .. The Internet
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  7. Mine are 50/50 indica sativa iv never topped those genetics so we Will se how It goes
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  8. I was just gunna say this lol
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  9. He doesn't understand humor very well. Or doesn't see that he messed up explaining his pot size.
  10. I was of course joking....
  11. Haha oh I know you were. But op didn't.
  12. You're taking really good care of your girls. They look very happy. Perfect color and just the right posture. If you keep them happy like that you're going to get some monster nugs.
  13. I understood his humor but im a very mathelatical Guy !

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