your speaker system in your room?

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  1. So with me being poor and not having a car i got myself a system in my room..

    Im using some logitech z-4's for my speakers and for my sub i got this 12 inch sub 120 watts.. i got it for 1.4 of some kush so a good ass deal i think heres a picture of it.. it makes shit rattle and pictures fall n shit its legit


    so what u guys got? pictures preferred
  2. the only thing in my room is a tv and a bed
  3. So this thread is only for people who still live at home? ;)

    Just kidding, I use my pc for my stereo. Logitech 5.1
  4. Since I live by myself, and have a living room and bedroom, etc. I'll cover the multiple systems.

    Living Room
    Sherwood amp of unspecified wattage. Built in 1977 using vacuum tubes, loud as fuck.
    Pair of Yamahas with 10" woofers, 3" mids, and 1.5" high frequency tweeters. 120W RMS

    Bed Room
    Crown CE2000 power amp - capable of 1950W RMS when bridged at 2 ohms. I run them at 400W RMS per side at 8 ohms.
    Pair of Carvin 1540 PA speakers. 15" woofers with radial horn for high frequency. 400W RMS
    There's also a mixing board and some other rack gear in there, as it is mainly used as a band PA system
  5. Koss 1000watt surround sound with 2 12" digital audio 400watt subs hooked up to an amp... it's nice
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    I got my computer hooked up to a Panasonic mini system

    It doesn't have a lot of power or whatever (i'm not a speaker junkie) but it bumps
  7. personally for my computer i use surround sound headphones with sick ass bass.

    but for TV i use surround sound baby, dunno what brand they are or anything
  8. I got this set-up for free because it was a gift for my moms 35 years senoirity at work, but she already has two supremely better systems. It's a pretty good setup, except the wireless surround speakers lose quality after so many feet from the main unit.
  9. Yamaha natual sound RX-v10 matched with JBL SVA1500's. They sound so clean and the 6.5's can really thump. This system costed over a grand 10 years ago, still working like the day I got it.
  10. i have an Onkyo HT-S590 5.1ch Home Theater System (105 watts x 5, plus 125 watts for the subwoofer)

  11. Altec Lansing.
  12. mines a polk audio sub if anyone cares

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