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Your socially awkward moments?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bananarama, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. One time I walked into a dorm room and one of the kids I knew said "watsup Kevin". My name is Evan, and I have bad hearing so I thought he was talking to me. But he was actually talking to Kevin. I didnt know that so I had a conversation with him when he wasnt really talking to me.

    After that he called me a weird freak and said he couldnt figure me out.
  2. You can read a lot of mine. People really tend to not like me.
  3. I have Asperger's syndrome so my life has been a long list of socially awkward moments. It's normality for me.
  4. loool

    a lot..once I was waving at this old women an she kept waving back but staring at me funny an I guess its cuz she was waving down her grandson but since I thought she was waving at me I kept waving back stronger an getting angry cuz I didnt know she was waving to the kid behind me :eek:

    also this one guy ik was flirting with me well turns out I knew his gf,she wanted to hang out with me so I go over an meet her bf whos the guy that was flirting with me,he acts like he didn't know me at all an was like ohh hey its nice to finally meet u Ive heard so much about u from christine..I was like "the fuck" I got so awkward didn't know what to do an booked..then I was talking to this guy whos pretty cool an I think is kinda cute well after awhile I panicd,didn't know what else to say an kept getting all fidgety..I started slowly backing away mid convo, hes just staring at me like :confused: an then I just started walking away super fast..mhmm def awkward :|
  5. I was 8 years old in Gamestop with my dad. I went and looked at a game, came back with it in my hand reading the back and grab my dads arm and it wasn't my dad and the guy was like "dude"
  6. This kid was motioning me over so I walked over. He was motioning to the chicks behind me...

  7. This may sound odd, but I know a couple of kids with Asperger's Syndrome and I really like and respect them. Not in like a pity kind of way, either. They just truly seem very genuine and I admire that in a person.
  8. I rarely have socially awkward moments because I'm confident with myself, and I don't really understand the social anxiety unless it is an abuser, authority figure, love life etc. Who cares what strangers think? :confused_2:
  9. One 4th of July when I was about 6, I saw these two men in a cul-de-sac starting to set off some fireworks. One of them looked like my dad so I ran down the street toward them yelling, "Dadddddddyyyyyyyy!" with my arms flung wide open like I was going to hug them when I got there. When I got close, I realized neither of them were my dad. I stopped in my tracks, stared at them for a second while they stared back, then ran away.
  10. thats crazy. 2 mistaken dad identity stories.
    it fucked with my little kid head
  11. Well thanks man, that's a really refreshing attitude. Most people look at those with Asperger's as "them fidgety retards." Ironically I'm clearly smarter than a lot of the people who have ever called me a retard.

  12. Right? I saw your's and I remembered mine. I was definitely scarred for life. I think that is the reason why I turned out so god damn peculiar.

  13. clearly
  14. This moment is akward because I only have corn chips and guacamole to offer the gods should they come over and smoot.
  15. Right on, dude. I think I am able to relate because my mother has brain damage. That is obviously a very different condition but it can have some of the same effects on people, that sort of misunderstanding people tend to have. That's just people though, it's their loss really.
  16. Let's make it 3. One time I was at Cabelas with my dad getting my first gun (didnt end up getting one there btw, overpriced crap) well I saw one I thought I liked so I go up to a guy standing at the counter thinking its my dad. I say "I think I found one I like" he looks down at me and was like "I can't help you with that :confused:" I was like " :eek: :bolt: "
  17. I agree man, some people are just too quick to judge. It's just their nature. I think if you take the time.. truly take the time with an open mind to get to know someone, you can be a friend to anyone.
  18. My mom used to pick me up from middle school, a car drove up, looked exactly like ours so I proceeded to get in. Turns out it wasn't my mom but some other lady. She actually drove off for a sec, we looked at each other for like ten seconds then I got out and walked back.

    Big parties are my worst though, with not enough alcohol..
  19. It's not that I'm socially awkward but when it comes to simple conversation, while people are scratching their heads looking for a solution, I'm already thinking of a logical solution to the problem cutting the wait time in half leaving the people out of ideas and resort to recurring the conversation to life when its dead like a dead battery past its life.

    Is being a social creature really that much of a component for living, guess if you're trying to form a bond or trust with people and build relationships, friendships but if you don't care then this is not a problem for you as it is to some.
  20. I was like 8 years old and at my moms house, and my parents are divorced so my dad was at his house, and I'm watching the Chicago bears game, and calling him talking about the game, and the Bears scored or some shit, so I picked up my home phone to call him, and dialed the wrong number, and someone picked up and I said "Daddy daddy we scored! That's was awesome! Did you see that?!" and some redneck voice answered and said "I'm not yo daddy boy-ah" lol and hung up

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