Your simple to find PH adjusters?

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  1. What do people suggest as all around common everyday items that can be used to adjust the ph. fancy chemicals are not always easy to find in other countries, and in this country english (or latin) is not used all these awesome ph products you Europeans and north AMericans are using, are not easily found abroad.

    anyone else here use oyster shell?

    what do you use that is likely common world wide? (in other words not bottle/packaged chemicals and brand names).


    chapter 4
  2. Ive herd about people using lemon juice to bring it down and baking soda to raise it.

    Personally i would just buy a ph up and down from a local grow store. You literally use 1 ml per 10 litres. so the bottles last a long long time.
  3. weed is virtually non-existent here and therefor we have no grow stores. there are nurseries, but these cater to outdoor gardens, potted plants are not as common here due to the 12 month growing season. the closest things we have are box stores, which are limited....and pet stores lol. this is why i need some common items (raw type materials), but that do not also give negative side affects....i thought about baking soda and citrus, but was worried about their affect on teh roots.
  4. It will be fine in small amounts, you wont have to add much at all to adjust the ph, or you could collect rain water and use it to water, it is naturally around 6.2ph
  5. due to air pollution we have acid rain, and due to typhoons we have lots of salt in the water :(

    with things like lemon juice or baking soda, it would be best to add to the water eh?
  6. i'm assuming it's not possible to have some shipped to you?
  7. i drink a lot :eek:

    problem solved :hello:

    that said, it would be nice, for information's sake to know other alternatives :cool:
  8. i may or may not be right about this, but i thought mixing in lime into the soil will lower the ph
  9. It will chemical.

    When mixing new soil for planting or potting, mix in 1ounce of lime per gallon of soil and this shud lower the ph to around 5.8
  10. the stuff for lawns?
  11. You say you have pet stores? They should carry pH up and down for aquariums, thats where i got mine at, about 3 bucks per bottle and it does last a super long time because you only need os little
  12. Just use some 12 M HCl... :D

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    hydrocholoric acid is extremely potent and dangerous. however they may have it at a local car parts store (usually for batteries), and if you dilute it properly it can be used effectively.

    make sure to put acid to water, never water to acid! adding water to a vat of acid will cause an explosive-like effect and cause acid to spray everywhere. which is never good.

    EDIT: sorry i was actually referring to sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is what's used in batteries, not hydrochloric acid. not sure what i was thinking. no clue where you'd get that.

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