Your perfect blaze?

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  1. Until yesterday I only smoked with people I knew. It was me, my friend, her friend (who I never met) and three of his friends. It was a surprisingly great time. Pleasant un-important conversations, three acoustic guitars being played. We smoked two nice blunts and hit a gravity bong.
    Seriously I always thought I would hate smoking in big groups and with people I didnt know, but that was the perfect blaze. Great time.
    C'mon and post the best time you've ever had smoking.
  2. Too many...that I cant remember haha
  3. Hard call..I really love any time I get to sit back with a close friend, just one on one, and just enjoy a blunt. The kind of rotation where no ones counting puffs, there is no rush, and the conversation never stops.
  4. ^^ Agreed smoking a blunt with a good friend is whats up
  5. Smoking a joint, or a blunt by myself

  6. That's what I normally do. Getting stoned alone can be so nice. Maybe put in a movie and eat some great snacks. :)
  7. yeah back in the day when i was 14 getting stoned with my best mate. in fact im gonna make a thread about it now ;)
  8. pefect blaze = toking up to be sufficiently ripped, then jamming on the guitar, enjoying nature with a walk or swim or getting down with the significant other
  9. Man I get higher with people I never smoke with and they pitch in on a big L or fat Jay I get stoned beyond belief...I think its the trail mix of buds
  10. I was at a festival with my three hose hookah. My friends at my campsite brought some sweet dro to sell, so everyone.e around us was holding. My good friend found some that were selling opium and I located some good hash. We threw a shitload of dro in the hookah, topped it with some opium, and put a bit of hash on top of that and six of us sat down to toke. During the sesh, people would get up to go places, and someone would come in and take their place. The bowl lasted well over an hour and got countless people blazed beyond belief. I will never forget that time. Also we were all already trippin balls on some jimi hendrix acid
  11. My perfect blaze?

    Blunt in my mouth. Bitch on my dick.

  12. :eek:Holy shit dude. That sounds in-fucking-credible. I assume there was also some live music being played while the hookah was being seshed? You remember who was playing? Damn that seriously sounds fun beyond all belief.
  13. Its hard to say exactly what my "perfect" smoke sesh would look like.

    For one sesh I think four bongloads of the dankest of headies, my best buds (friends not weed:smoking:) gathered around some hilarious tv show, or fun-as-fuck video game. Throw my guitar and headphones into the mix and awwww damn.

    I prefer getting baked with a couple friends in a relaxed setting than getting stoned driving all over town or some such crazy antics. Some people find it difficult to simply smoke and chill..they're not in touch with their inner dude.
  14. Out in nature, preferably at the top of a waterfall in the middle of the night. Far away from any city or source of light pollution with 1 or 2 close friends and a few blunts

    Very peaceful
  15. Couple of days ago I blazed with my dad. Had the most in depth conversation with him. It's like I couldn't stop my mouth from spouting random stuff that was on my mind.
  16. like 5 years ago me and my 2 best mates forgot to fill up on gas and broke down in the mountains. we started walking and found this cliff that had a view of our entire city. we passed blunts and talked all night about crazy shit. best session ever.
  17. Sitting in the passenger seat for a blunt cruise, and having no idea where the hell you are half the time cause you're too baked.

    anything situation involving a few good friends and smoking out of a bong/blunt is always fun. :smoking:

  18. Sounds nice man. The kind of session weed is meant for. :)
  19. The chick that I smoke with never wants to be outside at night, but I like to just smoke up after a long tolerance break on the driveway in the middle of the night with no one around and just look up at the stars and knowing that after your last bowl for the night you still have a lot of bud left :)
  20. Hotboxing a car with my friend, brother, and cousin.

    I don't care if it doesn't get you higher; I like seeing how much smoke pours off the blunt. We've gotten it so hazy that you couldn't see the people in front from the back and vice versa.

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