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  1. How young is to young? I know many of you started at like fucking 12 and shit

    which in my opinion to early. be a kid ya know.

    anyway, so if you had a girl/boy (im sure the sex matters to for some parents)

    and you busted in on your kid but he/she is X years old meaning you either

    1- sit down with him/her and toke up

    2- say wtf ARE YOU doing!?

    ME I started at 17, and if I walked in on my son/daughter smoking or with stuff, I would sit em down give them a talk and tell them to be safe but enjoy, then probably make them give me a gram for later.
  2. The cut off line for me would be under 16, but if I caught my kid smoking weed I'd probably just tell him to be careful and not make stupid decisions or bring friends over to smoke in the house.

    Would I smoke bud with my children? It depends, if they were over 18 and mature enough to be getting high then I probably would, but if they werent then I wouldn't
  3. I would have them know at their teens the facts but would still be actively discouraging them until they turned 18. Skydiving is known to be safe but I wouldn't encourage my kid to do it until they were mature enough to make the descision themselves. In the same way (well not really but thats the best metaphor I could think of) I wouldn't encourage any kind of smoking till they were mentally and physically along the way in terms of development.

    Then again this is all hypothetical as I will never have children.
  4. I don't want my kid doing any drugs period. Weed is OK, but it would worry me that he'd start experimenting and end up doing other things. Typically, if you've never smoked weed, then you won't do other drugs, because of the legal barrier. Most kids think drugs are illegal because they are bad, and then as they get older they start hearing shit and think "well ok, weed isn't that bad" and might give it a try, but if my kid thinks like I did it would suck. He'd smoke weed, it would be amazing, and all of a sudden he thinks "Man this was great, I wanna know what some other stuff is like" and then he enjoys all of the shit he tries and decides "he'll do anything once" to try it, and end up a fuck up

    I'd just rather my kid do nothing, because if you don't do drugs, theres no chance of becoming a drug addict, and he/she would be alot more likely to do better for his/herself since he wouldn't be burning/snorting/shooting his money away, and would be doing more positive things to fill the void ya know?

    I just want the best for my offspring, and just like the one dude said, skydiving is pretty safe, but that doesn't mean you can't die doing it.

    If I catch my kid smoking theres gonna be a long talk, I'm not gonna be a dick and yell at him, but I'm definitely going to tell him the TRUTH, both the good and bad.
  5. Seems hypocritical to be posting on a marijuana forum and being a marijuana smoker and not wanting your kid to smoke weed.

    I wouldn't care if my kid smoked weed after they were 16 as long as their grades stayed the same and they weren't hanging out with dirtbags. I wouldn't smoke with them until they were at least 18, if not older.
  6. Agreed.
  7. I think I can agree with this post 100%. :O
  8. Id say 16+.

    Because you're only really a teenager once you've reached 16.

    13,14,15 are still usually "younger".
  9. 16 or 17, no earlier than that. 16 at the very earliest, depending on how mature he/she is for their age.

    I wouldn't want my kid experimenting with other drugs until he/she is older and ready for the consequences. Definitely not going to come down hard on them if they try bud. But I won't turn a blind eye to it.
  10. I agree with everyone in saying that I think 16 is a cutoff line. It's kind of a maturity thing, ya know?

    I don't think I can tell my kids to not smoke weed if I do (which I do, obviously). Blades are all about preaching how good weed is for people and it's benefits. Why not let your kid smoke? But I'd have some ground rules. Like no smoking in their rooms. Gotta go to the garage or something. And me personally, I'm not sure if I'd ever smoke with my kid. Maybe once they're older but it'd kinda be like seeing your kid drunk. I dunno, it'd be weird for me.

    There's my two

  11. i'm 18, but if i had a kid id let em smoke until there grades started to slip.
    Personally i hope they did what i did and tell me they smoked weed. God I'm so glad when i was 16 that i told my mom i smoked, cause if she would've found out another way i would be fucked.
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    people on the forums might be any age too, so posing this question and the poll is kindof redonkulous even though you must be 18 to well does that work. and i agree that its a matter of a parent judging the child maturity level, hard to put an age on that though.
  13. I glossed over the first line

    and thought this thread was asking about sexual relations

    I'd say 16 or 17 is an acceptable age to start doing it. You're like a freshman or sophomore, and by then you have a reasonable idea about whether or not you're college material and so forth. My main concern would be that they've got their priorities in order because a problem child discovering drugs would be just another thing to have to worry about.
  14. I've actually discussed this multiple times with my friends while we're all high as fuck (which makes it even harder to decide on), and I think we've all reached a consensus that we'd want them to do it at atleast 16 or 18.

    Honestly, if my kid ends up anything like me, which will probably be a 9/10 chance with how I'll be raising him, he's probably going to start at like 13-15. I just know it'll happen, and if it does, I'll definitely bring it up with him. No way I'd be mad, but I'd definitely want him to stop for awhile or only save it for a time when he should be doing it.

    For example, if his friends want him to come and smoke, then I won't let him out. There's no way in hell I'd let him go out at 13 with a group of friends when for all I know they'd do something stupid. However, once he reaches roughly 15 or 16, I'll sit him down and have a talk with him about it. If my wife doesn't raise hell about it (permitting he grows up with both his mother and I), then I'd definitely take him and get him extremely fucked up. If he likes it, I'll tell him to be smart about it, and give him hints and tips. If he can't handle it, I'll talk to him again and tell him to wait till he's older to handle it.

    This is all permitting he is responsible and can handle himself even without being high in any way.

    Sorry for the long ass reply, just a subject I enjoy discussing, I guess.
  15. I started burnin at like 11 or 12, so anything over that is alright with me really. I would prefer if my son just never even fucked with drugs, weed or not.

    I voted for the 13-15 category, but of course older than that is fine with me.

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