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Your Opinions Please!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chronicmadness, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. hey,
    I just bought some of that "LEGAL BUD" that you see around being advertised and stuff... I figured I might as well give it a shot, and my package hasnt come yet but I was wondering if anyone has tryed any of this stuff and if so, let me know your expirience with it. I bought it from International Oddities, I ordered something called "KRYPTO" ( ).... Im thinking of getting a refund but before i do, let me know.
  2. The only "legal bud" that I know will get you a remotely close marijuana high is Spice Gold, all the other legal herbs tend to be shit, and you're wasting your money.
  3. Definetly get a refund.

    That shit is such a waste of money.
  4. What he said. Don't smoke it and expect to get high. Maybe make your spliffs burn a little slower by mixing it with this, but it won't get you higher... :confused:
  5. yup. you can spend 1000$ on this shit, smoke it all and all youd get is a pair of sore lungs. waste of money.

    the buds look cool though
  6. thanks all, I was actually hoping it might be good. but whatever i can probably just sell it.
  7. From what ive herd spice gold is very good
  8. yah my cousin sold it to his brother and made 10 bucks. lol
  9. I know someone that tried it, said it just gave him the worst headache he ever had
  10. dude im pretty sure that stuff isn't even a real plant.
  11. So my package came today, and my friend and i sat down and smoked two bowls... As far as looks go, the stuff is passable as some shwag.
    It smells nothing like it though, I could say it smells like a mix between an indian restaurant and an herb garden. BUT... It got me and my friend pretty stoney, i even had the giggles for awhile and some visual effects. I now have a little bit of a stress headache though. Overall its not bad at all. But I probably wont buy the stuff again. not as good as the real thing
  12. you wernt high, it was all in your head, or the resin in your pipe was burning and you were getting resin tokes.
  13. actually i rolled a joint, and Im pretty sure that it wasnt in my head because the two people ive smoked it with so far had the same expirience dude. I even just sold a gram of it to him.

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