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  1. post your storys of getting fried or other storys of getting high, so me and my older brother and three of his buddys throw down for 4 grams of this really dank bud, them being all 4 years older than me they could smoke more than me, well i had to keep up so each time i got the bong i took fatter hits than them after the third packed bowl i knew this wasnt a good idea then it really hit me, i was a veggtable that could only laugh and smile, after thirty miniutes like this i could think straight enough to get up and walk around but i was still beyond stoned so from there we spent an hour looking for a basketball pump then we took a trip to tacobell to try a dorito shell taco.. they where amazing. keep in mind this is my first time smoking in two weeks because of my parents
  2. Haahahaha amazing, I got so baked at my friends house and he was talking to me and I was unable to answer and then I watched family guy.
  3. Bought a bong from my friend and a dub and smoked it all in this epic hard-hitting bong behind an A&P super food mart. I was high as flying balls and floating real good.

    Went to McDonalds because my friend and his friend who was also smoking with us wanted something to eat. I never eat McDickcheese so I just chilled.

    Mom calls, tells me my brother is in the hospital for a work related accident. Unnecessarily vague on details (that cunt). Tells me to come home.

    This is in the late afternoon in the summer so the sun is setting and I'm high as balls and all of a sudden I get this horrible vibe of death. I just imagined my brother in the hospital with his face blown off or some other horrifying electrical accident (he's an electrical engineer). I'm walking home (across town) and I'm just tripping out and hearing crazy shit, like everything just sounding like screaming and I imagined what intense pain must feel like.

    I got home and found out my brother got a tiny little zip and was 100% fine but his manager made him go to the hospital for insurance reasons. To this day I still fucking hate my mom for making me feel that bad. She could have easily just mentioned he was fine but no she had to be all vague for no reason. What a fucking dick move, my parents are assholes. Fuck them.

    But yeah, that was crazy intense, I've never felt anything like that since.
  4. ate a brownie that I bought off of some kid from school, he said it had about 2g of sour d in it but i didnt believe it and i never had edibles before so i just waited like 30 minutes and didnt feel anything so i smoked a j. about 10 minutes after i finished the edible hit me and i was so high i couldnt do anything whatsoever. it was amazing
  5. Story about a friend of mine getting smashed. I've had my share of smoking for like 5 hours straight: Bong hits, vape hits, Js, Hash filled steam roller, etc. Those would put me out so hard right now but back then i could hang on for a while. Well it was always my best friend, myself, and our dealer who was a really good high school friend. We decided to bring a different friend up to his place, the dude is feelin pretty good on bong hits so we decided to hand him the hashed up steam roller. He hit the shit hard one time, talked fuck all jibberish at me for like 5 minutes and was lights out for 2 hours lmao.
  6. One day, I brewed about six grams of weed with tea and milk.

    30 minutes later after I drank it, the whole room starts spinning.

    Took a walk for what felt like an hour, but it was really 15 minutes.

    Said fuck it, and watched a movie.
  7. Prob the first time i got high like the third time i smoked.

    It was the summer b4 9th grade. Me and my buddy decided wed smoke weed that night. It was his third time smoking as well.

    Ha so were sitting in my basement waiting for my parents to go to bed and just watching g4 til around 2 in the morning. We sneak out the window abd run a block away haha for some reason we pick to smoke behind a bush between to peoples houses. we had a gatorade bowl woth aluminum foil stem and the bottlecap as the bowl with some holes poked in it lol. So we pack all of our weed cuz we didnt know how much got you high. Filled that cap three times

    We start walkin back to my house and my friend just breaks into full sprint laughing his ass off. So i ran after him. I wasnt feeling anything so i thought he was acting. We climb back through the window and right as im half way through it hits me full force and i just started dieing of laughter. Everything was crazy id compare it to a mild shroom trip. We ended up playin rainbow six Vegas 2 for a cpl hours then sat on my couch and felt like i was getting sucked into it. Till we fell asleep

    God damn that was crazy
  8. Got high in college. Said fuck school and dropped out. Now I have a steady job
  9. Well, my 18th birthday and I pay for everyone to go out and drink fuck loads on the pretense that I get to come home and get stoned. Anyway, I get home at 5am to a 50 sac full of some stinky, beautiful bud and light up with my 16 year old cousin who rarely smokes.
    He takes hold of the joint, sits there for 5 minutes, smokes the whole thing then starts to cry. Now at this point I'm knee deep in my own tears of laughter and he starts shouting about how he as the "last black lion of jamaica" (he's half english half nigerian) and how he orders babylon to stop slaughtering calves.
    Nontheless the guy rambled on for another 20 minutes before finishing his speech which seemed extremely unlike himself with "thank you for listening to me but I, Bob Marley must go." and then passed out for the night.
    Still have no idea whether he was lying or not because he doesn't remember. Ah well. :smoke:
    What an idiot.
  10. im not sure if this counts but two days ago i was about to smoke a bowl till my buddy told me to try some salvia he had, BIG MISTAKE, he told me it was Just plain leaf, but he was lieing it was actaully 60x(60 times more potent then plain leaf) and he didnt know ive never smoked salvia before, and after that hit i have no idea what happened, he claims i started screaming and tried running but fell and hit my head, i guess that explains the blood on my table haha, im smoking salvia again this friday but a way lower dose so i can remember what the trip is like

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