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your input

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by iam matt, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. (sorry for any spelling errors)

    hello all of your mmj gc'ers haha

    i was digenoced a couple months ago clinicly depressed.

    i was taking prozac for it and i didn't like the pills so i stopped taking them.

    i finally found my thyrapists number and called and made an appointment to see him tomorrow.

    what im hopeing for is to get a medical card.

    how would you go about it? like straight up say i want a medical card? or like kinda warm up to the subject?

    but like i said i am clinicly depressed, i also have a eating disorder and insomnia, i know all of which can be treated with good old mary jane.
  2. (1) Save those pill bottles!!! Take them in when you go for your appointment.

    (2) Honesty is the best policy. Your shrink most likely will refuse you- even though the American Psychiatric Association came out in support of MMJ.
    When he refuses ask for either a copy your records (he won't give them) or a note saying that you do, indeed, suffer from clinical depression (more likely).

    (3) Go to NORML's Cali site and check out their list of MMJ friendly docs. Call around- prices vary. The cheaper places are more likely to give you a rec. Make the appointment.

    (4) Get the $ together, take your pill bottles (which will be enough at cheaper clinics and many of the more expensive ones), your shrink's note (if you get one) and go get legal! Just the pill bottles will be enough to support your claim in most cases. Take the newest one or refill your prescription- even if you won't take them!

    (5) The pot doc will give you a quickie exam, and a lecture on pot- you pay the receptionist, and walk out legal!

    Granny :wave:
  3. haha dang.

    thx for the info, i came to the conclusion (with help from internet) that i would probably have a better chance gooing to a mmj doctor instead of kiaser hospital haha.

    but thank you for then info, im probably gonna read that like 3 more times, damn master kush, but thank you again.

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