Your high school experience?

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  1. Was just thinking about how a lot of people say they hated high school and then you have people say high school was the best time of there life. Well how about you?

    Mine was pretty good, though I wish now I would have done more stuff since I was so shy but it was good. Being a freshman I guess is kinda scary but my class ran that shit. My friend and neighbor would through a party every Friday and Saturday night and in the summers like 3-4 times a week. Haha we were freshman and sophomores that would throw a party and have the seniors and juniors come to our partys, and it stayed that way for years. It was actually pretty sad now that I think about it. I remember sitting in the "smoking" room and just seeing sophomores, juniors, seniors come in and smoke and just thinking why the fuck are these 17 & 18 kids are having to smoke with us 14,15,& 16 year olds. Haha the older we got the more badass we became really. Miss those days

    So how was you guys hs experience?
  2. i got kicked out of my highschool for having a half in my locker...and i got arrested on top of all that, but now im slowly finishing up my first year in med school and still getting baked as ever

    as the geico commercial states...Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  3. It wasn't that bad, it wasn't that good. It was just kinda meh. College is a much better experience for me.
  4. im in my senior year in highschool and i was getting a paper checked with some kid at the teachers desk because i missed it or whatever. well while he's explaining something to me and this kid i turned around and walked back to my seat and sat down. he asked what i was doing and i said i thought you were done talking to me LOL
    edit: this was freshmen year
  5. I coasted. Didnt start drinking or anything till senior year, started smoking before though. It was eh. College is much better though.
  6. dropped out. got into an independent study program and graduated a year and a half early. went straight to college and got to within a semester of my AA then dropped out of that place too.

    make bank now and don't really have any expenses so... fuck school.
  7. I'm a senior now, and it has its ups and downs. Everyone is too fake... can't wait for college thats when the real fun comes!
  8. I played football and rugby every year of highschool so that really guided my experience. I didn't smoke until after highschool but I did my share of drinking. I liked my classes, didnt have a shitload of friends but made a number that I still consider friends today and I just enjoyed sports like 6 or 7 months out of the 10 month school year. I have no clue how it would have went had I never joined those teams.
  9. I was the fun, laid back guy with long hair and flannel overshirts who listened to metal music and relatively independent, yet had a lot of friends. So you can guess how it was for me. Boring.

    I wish I got better grades and got involved with clubs and shit and maybe even go to college but I'm hoping to make it as a musician for my life career. I am in love with the guitar and music, I couldn't imagine myself working some boring career doing menial shit for the rest of my life.

    My parents were and still are fucking assholes and made my life hell and school is the only place I could go to get away from them (they would never let me go anywhere, they didn't trust me even though I never got in trouble.) They were incredibly disrespectful and abusive, perhaps why that's why I didn't have the confidence that I could actually do good in school. I had to live with extreme stress and anger they caused me and it was really a bad time. They "banned" me from weed after they caught me and I decided I wouldn't really do it too much anymore so I started abusing pills and shit... it was real fucked up.

    Thankfully I'm living with a friend now and life is one billion times better. But anyways, as far as school wise, my school was pretty laid back and relaxed, as far as a school in Connecticut can be like that (hint: every school in Connecticut is full of thugs. Everywhere from the public schools filled with inner city blacks to fancy private schools filled with rich whites, there are thugs stealing and making life hell for other students everywhere).

    I only got fucked with once during freshman year, by an older, huge, moron redneck who tried to muscle me around for money as 'insurance' (big word for him) for talking shit about his friend (which I wasn't). Luckily I stood my ground and never gave him a dime (even though his friend I was apparently talking shit about ripped off a young, naive me plenty of times) and he eventually got kicked out of school for being a dumbass, literally. He came to my school for an agricultural program for another town and they kicked him out because he was literally stupid as hell and they didn't want him anymore.

    You've reached the end of the story.
  10. i feel pretty bad for you if thats the story that sums up your high school experience.
  11. I had a blast in high school. Stoned ALL the time, even select teachers would know. Got into some trouble, got out of trouble. I learned and matured a lot in high school.

    Only thing I regret is only trying in the classes I cared about, and not giving a shit about the rest. I NEVER applied myself, and I think my future would be much better if I had.
  12. I fucking hated high school man, fuck that shit.
  13. Wasn't bad. I was the quiet, introverted kid that caused trouble. Played fall varsity soccer and spring varsity lacrosse all 4 years. Wasn't all that popular and didn't really go to any parties. I stayed with a group of 5 friends and we would get together on the weekends to smoke and just chill. We didn't need no parties :)

    I spent a lot of time in after school detention, which, at my school meant you were outside pulling weeds and planting shrubs/trees/flowers/whatever. I developed quite a greenthumb because of that, and am now a botany major here in Humboldt.
  14. The responsibility aspect of high school is epic. You can get away with a lot, and live under the rents roof. Pretty good deal in my opinion.
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    If you say you didn't like high school it's because you were a little bitch that got picked on or the fat kid no one liked

    disrespect is not tolerated..
    Keep comments like this to yourself please
  16. [quote name='"fatcat"']If you say you didn't like high school it's because you were a little bitch that got picked on or the fat kid no one liked[/quote]

    Or you just didn't like all the immature BS and 5 days a week of 6-7 hours of boring/easy classes. Chill bro.

    Hated high school, it was boring and everyone was dramatic and annoying. College is infinitely better
  17. I'm still in high school (5th year, yeah hs is 5 years in canada...), and it was the worst for the first 2 years... then I began to smoke weed and I didn't care. I'm not exactly the popular guy, but I have friends (not just stoner friends) and I'm doing great in school. Not alot of gfs but that's another story.
    Hoping it gets a bit better in college, then university if I decide to go.
  18. I was always nice to everybody. I'm talking so called nerds, jocks, every kind of person in elementary school and thoughout high school. It made the experience alot better when you could just walk down the hall and knew everybody. It's a little different in Canada because there is no such thing as a bully. The schools I went to everyone was pretty much cool with everyone. There were of course always a guy or two at each school that were weird as fuck and pretty much kept to themselves, but no one picked on them. The school environment was always calm and easy going because everybody got along. Made high school alot of fun.
  19. lol 5 years in Canada? That's news to me, where do you live
  20. I got along with everyone. Played a lot of sports and was involved in a handful of activities. Good times, not the best by any stretch but it was a much simpler time with less infected vagina.

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