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  1. My friend just give me these two new plants and I've NEVER grown in my life.. One is purple kush and the other is AK-47.

    They are obviously still young.

    The Purple kush is further along than the AK apparently. They were given to me in huge pots. I've had them both for two days.
    Pictures posted.

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  2. Here's a closer pic of the Purple Kush.. Seems super short to me.

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  3. Here's the AK-47..

    So tiny and thin. How far along dies this look? And was my friend crazy for putting her in such a big pot?

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  4. Plants don't look too bad, I'd get them under some good lighting and a fan on low to start with. That will strengthen up those stems and help out a lot. Otherwise feed em some water when they are dry, keep them under some light and enjoy the journey! :)
  5. Bigger pot will only mean bigger plants.. it looks like soil is really high in the pot though almost like some of the plant was buried
  6. def. buried. you can see the branches poking out from under the soil. as stated b4. just give em water when they need it and under sufficient light. u may wanna look into some nutes, they will need them soon

  7. Is it bad when they're buried? The purple kush plant has at lest three buried stems. It almost looks like a completely separate plant.
  8. He also gave me an unopened 250ml bottle of something called Bud Candy.. Is this a good nute? If so, when do I intro into the soil.
  9. no. the buried parts just create more roots. the bud candy is a root stimulator. creates bigger, better roots to provide the big buds were all looking for. it is used the first six weeks of flowering. Full strength is 8ml to a gallon or 2ml per liter. start it at 1/4 strength so 2ml per gallon and work ur way up to full strength over the six weeks.
  10. u may wanna look into some veg nutes too. I'm not too familiar with soil nutes. I use GH Grow, Micro, Bloom, but i grow hydro. might wanna do some research on that
  11. Thank you THEANSWER21 and everyone else.
    I will continue to post progress pics..
  12. This morning AK top stem is sideways but still growing..

    Is this normal?

    Looks like 2 separate plants now.

  13. Here's the AK..

    Notice the separation of stems?
    It really looks like 2 plants..
    Smaller stem was the original top before it decided to lay down flat.
    I covered it with a little soil to hopefully promote root growth.

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  14. Here's the PK.

    It too is growing in separate places.

    I'm wondering if this will grow wide instead of tall.

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  15. I assume it has some Indica genetics. If so, they tend to be shorter, bushier plants then Sativa. The plant looks nice and healthy. Don't bury anymore leaves.... : )
  16. Sweet!!
    Thank you
  17. Yeah I second middleforker, id stop burying your girls and let them sprout up!

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