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  1. We've all pulled a prank on a friend, family, or total stranger before, and I enjoy a good laugh. So I'll share one of mine and you blades reply with your own.:D

    Alright, so my buddy came over to my place back in my high school days and I offered him a glass of Dr.Pepper. Of course, since Dr.Pepper is the greatest beverage made of all time, he happily obliged. I went to the fridge, and suddenly my face took on a look like this...
    There right beside my big ol' bottle of Dr.Pepper, was a full bottle of Soya Sauce. I poured myself a glass of Dr.Pepper, one for him, and one extra glass full of straight Soya Sauce. I brought him the Soya Sauce and he straight downed the glass.:eek: The look on his face and his reaction was priceless. :laughing:

    Got a good laugh, so after he got done throwing up, I gave him the real Dr.Pepper because I'm such a nice guy.:D
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    I'm hoping you were trying to say 'soy sauce' boss...

    The best prank was when I was riding passenger in a vehicle when I yelled WATCH OUT SPIKES! and he slammed on his brakes. There was nothing there though and he slammed on his brakes for nothing. I'm on Ketamine
  3. I know I've done stupider shit than this one but nothing comes to mind..anywAys the one I do remember it was when Lupe Fiasco was coming to do a cd signing in downtown chi somewhere so I went but when we get there turns out we had to buy some fucking tickets like a week ago!

    My best friend wanted to go but worked and on the way back I just wrote on a piece of paper "Sorry you couldn't make it Juan. Much love to my lasers"

    The look on his face was priceless! Even more when I told him I wrote it! Hahah :smoke:

  4. That's some funny shit! :laughing:

    Did something similar. When my friend was passed out in the car, I was going down the highway with a tow truck in front of me. The car it was hauling was being hauled from the back, so it looked as if there was a car coming at me head on. Woke him up, and the second he saw the car ahead of us, he freaked the fuck out. :laughing:

    Oh, and by the way, "soy" and "soya" are interchangeable terms when it comes to the sauce.:cool:

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  6. That's some funny shit!

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