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  1. Everyone remembers the first time they had sex. How did it go?

    For me, it was with my first gf in highschool, and it was totally not what I expected. I thought everyone had trouble lasting longer than 30 seconds for their first time. I went for an hour and 20 mins and didnt finish. You cant even imagine how bad the blue balls were after that. :laughing:
  2. Mine was a blur. I was totally fucked up. I know it was quick and felt great and I try to do it as much as I could with that chick.

    The first time really sucks, it is cool because it is all new and your first time, but I think as you get more experience, it gets better, you can really rail that bitch.
  3. Mine was fucking terrible, I couldn't keep a hardon worth shit and when I did manage to stay hard long enough to get in it lasted 3 or 4 pumps.

    Four pump chump:wave:
  4. Like 20 minutes, right before I left for Florida, her first too. She was horrible though, she'd get on top and do some scissoring with her legs bullshit that looked hilarious
  5. I lost my vcard to this chick who had fucked about 8 dudes already in her sexual career.

    best part? she said I was one of her best fucks (there was no faking those moans).. one day I'll tell her how she took my innocence without knowing it:D
  6. During jr. year of HS I got super stoned with one of the class sluts and fucked her for about an hour. I was so baked cus I had just finished a month long t-break that I tried putting the condom on the wrong way at first. I remember being so confused as to why it was taking so long to put on the jimmy. Finally realized what I had done wrong after I had spent 10 minutes trying to put it on. :p
  7. Well I got my dick sucked a couple times by some chicks with good dome game before I ever penetrated.

    My first time was with my girlfriend and she was also a virgin. Well she sucked me til my first one (a lil over 10 min), then crammed for about another half an hour. She was ultra tight and told me she studied giving head from the internet 0.o
  8. oh damn, this goes back to junior year of high school

    my first time was with my future ex gf, but at the time she was dating some other kid in high school but she was extremely attracted to me so she was cheating on him with me. I had already seen her completely naked one time before (first time we hungout), and then the second time we hung out she came over my house and it was just me and my dad home, my mom and my sisters were down in tennessee visiting my grandmother, which was a good thing for me because my mom wouldnt have let me up in my room with a girl i just met, but my dad did not give a shit cus i feel every good dad wants their son to get laid, so he just stayed out of my business.

    so she came over and we went straight upto my bedroom cause we had already planned to fuck. she instantly took off all her clothes and we made out for a bit but then i told her to cover up becuse one of my friends was coming over real quick to take some money from me to buy bud and some jack daniels to celebrate later that night since i was losing my virginity

    so she puts on some of my sleepants and one of my tshirts and my friend came over right on 'Q' and took my money and we all talked for a little bit and he just had the biggest grin on his face cus he knew what was about to go down. so then he leaves, my and the girl took off our clothes, i made her put the condom on my dick (cus still to this day i have trouble putting a condom on myself and keeping a hard on, i need the girl to put it on for me) and we had some hot sex, she was on top, for about 7-12 minutes. Best moment of my life at the time.

    after sex we cuddled in my bed for a little bit and then she left. and then i went out with the friend that came over earlier and my best friend and we cruised a couple blunts and drank a shit ton of jack, goddamn do i miss those nights, totally fucked up with not a care in the world.

    but yeah, that was my first time. and a week after we had sex that girl broke up with her boyfriend and then the next day we started our relationship that ended up being the worst 2 years of my life. she ended being a total psychocunt, but she was always down to fuck or suck my dick or anything sexual so that was the only great thing about her.
  9. My first time was with this girl who was basically obsessed with me. I was in 9th grade and all my friends made "the pact". So one night me and two friends we'll call G and A, were hanging out at A's house in his room. We called the girls over and when they got there we just played Super Nintendo and took bong rips until G, A, and their girls went out to the kitchen to get food. I just got up, locked the door and told her to come lay down with me. Got right down to business in A's bed, wiped my jizz on G's sock, then I faked a phone call from my pops & bailed out.

    Looking back it was a DICKKKK move. But I was 14 and had one thing on my mind.
    Ya live and ya learn.
  10. I was 16 and was with this chick who I had been going out with for a week. We had her house to ourselves for a friday night and we decided to get fucked up on tequila and triple sec. One thing led to another and we started making out on the couch. She whipped my dick out and started sucking me until I busted and then I fucked her for forty five minutes straight and its a good thing her rents weren't home because she was a screamer. I remember I actually had trouble busting from intercourse that first time so I finished in her mouth.

    She told me that I was really good and I didn't admit that I was a virgin. Honestly though I couldn't really feel anything between the alcohol and the rubber so that's probably why I lasted so long and also why I had trouble finishing. I fucked that chick three more times throughout that year but she never wanted a relationship, oh well.
  11. it was horrible, i was 17 he was 22, i had only met him like 2 weeks b4, and he was baaaaad and not in the good way, he practically raped me, i bled for like a week afterwards...he put a dollar in and envelope in my me n my moms joint bank account and took out 200$ so needless to say a havent heard from him since :(
  12. Ya i got drunk in high school and fucked this slutty bitch and i still regret it
  13. I lost my VCard with my first girlfriend in HS. We had been doing some heavy petting up until then. She fessed up she wasn't a virgin. Green Light! So I made plans to lose it. Went to the other side of town town to buy rubbers, nervous as hell. I figured we were less likely to be hassled by the man in a church parking lot.

    It was pretty forgettable, short and quick. After that night we fucked like rabbits. Eventually we were busted by both sets of parental units. Someone ratted me out. My mom took who it was to her grave.

    Madonna said she was a virgin until she knew what she was doing. I can relate.
  14. my first time...
    was in the beginning of October of this year!
    I'm a female, 18

    The guy I'd been seeing for a long time just moved out of his parents house and into a new house with his friends. Their first night there I stayed over and we had sex. It hurt so fucking bad. I almost threw up, and I almost cried. There was no pleasure involved. I didn't really ever want to try it again.

    But we did. And it's gotten a lot better!
  15. My first time I didn't cum either. It was with my first girlfriend. At that point I considered myself bi, but I still felt more attracted to girls, so I asked her out. We led up to sex about 2 months later. I ate her out and made her cum, which I still think was really hot, but when I actually started fucking her, I couldn't finish. After half an hour I was getting exhausted and going soft.

    Turns out, I'm a gay bottom. The first time I bottomed I also didn't really cum, but it was not that great for me. The other guy came way too soon. I was tight, what can I say. But the second time, with another, older guy with more experience, showed me that sex really was great for me, I just had to find out what I wanted.
  16. It was in a car. we went to the store to get a condom. It felt so good I was grabbing the seatbelt..... I was soooo embassed. But I couldnt stop. :/
  17. [quote name='"yoman1289"']I lost my vcard to this chick who had fucked about 8 dudes already in her sexual career.

    best part? she said I was one of her best fucks (there was no faking those moans).. one day I'll tell her how she took my innocence without knowing it:D[/quote]

    Shit, bro same situation happened to me, this girl had 8 or so ppl she slept with but I was with her for 2 years. She told me she lost her virginity when she was 14
  18. This happend in high school. Was going out with this chick over 3 months. We were hanging one afternoon and we were walking to the highschool. We started making out and shit went from there and i just did her in the middle if the field lol

  19. dayummm middle of the afternoon in a field???

    [ame=]South Park - Nice - YouTube[/ame]

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