Your first sexual experience?

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  1. Well my first sexual experience was with a male.. and Im a male. I would like to say no homo but in this case it's pretty homo. (Im not gay, I was really little). I was like 8 and the other kid was like 12 and for some reason he just started sayin shit like "I wonder what a BJ would be like" and shit. I dunno I was really little and shit just happened. Gay and all but whatever. Don't really need to go into detail but you probably know what happened :eek:. How about you GC?
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    ^ Eh, not too weird.

    This kid I was friends with back when we were 8 wanted to "touch dicks for at least a second"... I was like... alright COOL!

    Then I did it, and not so cool. Nope, not a bit. In fact, the coolest part of that experience was when this kid decided to disrobe, jump into his bed, and... his mom came up and walked in on that...

    NEEDLESS to say, moms talk, and I got the birds and bees spiel that night. It was embarrassing as all hell. I just saw that kid the other day, too... OH WELL, nothing major.

    I'll have you know I redeemed myself by sucking on some titties at the age of 12-14... it was nothing big, but every time this girl (who is technically a family friend and had tremendously sized breasts for her age) came over, I got to suck on tits. It was good. Then I decided I needed to stop, and it's just kinda weird whenever she comes over now.

  3. haha. I wouldnt even care if I got to suck on tits lol. I'd be like give me a boob job :p
  4. this thread is sooooo gay

    so gay

  5. I'm surprised it till until post #4 for soomeone to say that, damn there's a lot of gayness in here.
  6. Ive never done anything sexual with a guy, so I hope that takes the gayness of the thread down a bit.
  7. yeah it does.
  8. Did you swallow?
  9. lmfao
  10. Yeah ***** I fuck with girls
  11. never have or will do the guy-guy thing, sorry for hijacking this thread with my heterosexuality.
  12. LMFAO! I'm enjoying these gay stories quite thoroughly. Keep 'em comin! :D
  13. lol. Honestly, I wouldn't have posted no shit like that. I mean granted, no one knows who you are but still, not something you should have posted. But Shoutout to the guy who followed up with the second gay story lol least the first guy can say he wasn't the only one hahaha.

    No serious, all jokes aside. Mine came when I was like 13. Me and two friends of mine (no this is not a gay set up) all participate in this "gangbang" Funny how Mad Tv can get a dude some lay.

    Long story short, I'm recitin some of that Phil Lamar "Dirty talkin" thing and she's callin back lines. So my best friend at the time like "Ask her if she serious" so I ask her and she like yeah "we can use my place." and my second best friend (Don't know if you can have two best friends but I did.) pokes his head in like "Ain't no fun if we can't get none."

    In closing, that shit was awesome. Tho' we kept our first times to ourselves for quite a long time...we didn't wanna be the guys who fuck and told.
  14. I used to always be a shy kid up until 9th grade when i had my first relationship, I never even kissed a girl at the time. So when she told me she wanted to make out, i was like nooo way. Till one day, after watching a movie she just made the move and it was a whole new world let me tell ya.

    Looking back now, i indeed was a huge va-jay.
  15. Yeah when I was 15 with my ex..gross man. What was I thinking? I don't want to remember my first sexual experience. I hate this thread :(
  16. I got blown in the back of my car when I was 16 by my girlfriend. Didn't finish because she didn't know wtf she was doing and it was late so we left. Nothing special.
  17. I'll tell my story it's disturbing.

    I think I was 15 or 16? Well I went to a new school, and nobody liked me, and I hated everybody. But this girl who went to my elementary school went there, and she was hot as shit now. We use to be cool in 7th grade, almost dated but we quit talking and went to different high schools. Well we had photo together, and about 4 weeks into school I hadn't talked to anybody cus they were all retarded. She text me one day saying "why don't you talk to me anymore?" So then we started talking, met a few cool people etc etc. She'd always grab my ass, and my dick in the dark room and it was all good(except getting boners in class - atleast it was the dark room). Well she started saying she wanted my babies. Surely one would just think she's just kidding. Cus I mean why would a 15 year old want kids? Psycho bitch. Well eventually we started fucking, and she always provided the condoms. So I was chill with that. Everyday we had sex, it wasn't special. I lied to her telling her I wasn't a virgin, so nothing special. And all was well.

    So I then left the school, because I got kicked out (posted the long ass story somewhere around here). Well we don't talk for a while, and she starts talking to me. And I walked home from school at 3:00 she got home at 2:30 so she walked with me home. Occasionally we'd fuck. Well her old BF got out of juvie so we broke it off. And then one day she tells me she thinks she's pregnant. I asked how she said she was on birth control, and I used condoms. She said she poked holes in all the condoms because she actually DID want my kid. Holy fuck :eek:

    Well we must of fucked a good 50 times, and if their was holes in the condom then I got lucky. She's still dating that dude, but still text me telling me she wishes she was pregnant with my kids. I even heard a rumor from her friend saying that she saved all the condoms we used.

    You'd think I'd learn to leave this psycho bitch, but not yet. We just had sex a few months ago for about a week straight. I gotta quit doing shit like that.
  18. Around 7, I fingered a family friend's daughter, who was 11.
    She took me under the bed and stuck my finger in her cooch for a few seconds. Then I remember having this unfamiliar smell on my fingers that I couldn't quite wash off, LOL. I have no idea what I was doing at the time, I only really realized around puberty what happened.
    So yeah, that's my story of how I discovered vagina without knowing it existed. At 12 I bragged to my friends that I've already been in a vagina. Oh yeah, I was The Man back then!
    I actually totally forgot about this story.
    Yourcatdead, my very first proper girlfriend that I was shagging in high school was so similar. She nagged me every weekend, that she wants my baby. Like, my actual baby, not just sex talk. One of the reasons I switched schools, among other reasons, was to get away from her, because not only did she want to get pregnant, but she was completely insane in other aspects too. Your one, though, definitely gets the award for craziest bitch... No offence, since you're still shagging her, but the keeping condoms part is uber freaky.
    How old are you? It could've even been the same chick! LOL.
  19. Im pretty sure lots of people experienced similar things .. so I could care less. If everytime someone sees my name on this forum and thinks of thread -- I dont care lol. Doesn't really bother me too much. And your story makes no sense.. after reading it twice.

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