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Your first freaky high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by smokedout, Jul 8, 2002.

  1. Last night, I experianced something really scary, my first paranoid, trippy, high. I was smoking, having a really good time, and then I started laughing, which I normally do. It was dark, and the tv was on. It scared me, and then I felt like I was in a time warp. I felt like time was passing like crazy. I was shaking, and the back of my neck burned. I felt like I was asleep, and that I keep waking up. Jason, my boyfriend, talked to me. He told me that I was imagining things. I felt like he was in my head talking to me. I also felt like I was faking the whole thing, but I wasn't. It kinda scared me. He finally talked me into going to sleep. I made him stay there until I was out, which didn't take long. He told me about his first experiance like that, and it made me feel better. I think I'm a loser for doing that, even though I couldn't really help it once I started. So, if you will share your story with me.
  2. That happended to me 1 time,but one kid was cool telling me to enjoy so i started to.But then my bro and his friend fucked with me all night and wouldn't let me sleep a god damn wink!Fucking assholes.
  3. hey well i always get paranoid when i blaze up, i guess im ust trying to get used to it so i can finally pass it, but my heart speeds up which makes me worried and it just escelates from ther, so... imagine how that is!! and then i think fuck it, if i die, i die.. then for sum wierd reason i accept it and calm down!!?? lol!
  4. I remember the first time i got messed like that.i was at a party and had been smoking on a half oz of the kindest bud of all(people thought it had dust in it)the whole day and around 11;30 i started to feel dizzy so i went out to my car and closed my eyes.i fell asleep for like 2 hours,i drempt that i drove to nantasket beach(a beach about 30 miles away).when i woke up i had my hands on the wheel and i was tottally freaked out,i thought i had really done it, then i realized the keys were in my pocket so i couldn't have driven there right?i still do not know if i really did or not,whick kind of scares me.
  5. I dont know about my neck burning but i used to get really paranoid whenever i smoked up, i came up with crazy conspiracy shit and i thought everyone was against me, i dont get that often now but just the other day i came home high and no one was home, i went to sleep and i was awake for over 3 hours because i was afraid someone was gonna kill me.

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