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Your first experience

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brandon450, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Ive been smoking on and off for about the past year and I can still remember the first time I smoked. I was over at my friends house and he had some home grown ak47 crossed with thunderfuck. He packed me a bowl and I took a fat rip. I couldnt stop coughing for like 5 minutes and my eyes started watering like crazy. We went downstairs to watch Futurama. 10 minutes had passed and I still was feeling normal then all of a sudden it nailed me. I blacked out and I found myself laying on the floor in front of the TV. I had no idea how I got there. I stood up and my legs and arms felt like they were waving like octupus tenticles. My freind made me stand up, back against the wall. I started seeing everything in frames. It looked like there was a strobe light flashing. When I closed my eyes I saw different colorful geometrical patterns. It looked like looking through a colidiscope. The patterns got more intense and started turning into random different things. I remember seeing cartoon monkey faces, fish, shadows of peoples bodies etc. Then it got to the point where I saw these colidiscope patterns with my eyes open. My friends said they were all scared because they have never seen anyone trip out this hard from weed. Then I lost control of my body movements. It felt like something was controlling my body. I couldnt stop myself from walking around my friends house. I wanted and tried soo hard get back in control of my body but I couldnt. I started feeling sound waves passing through my body. It felt like something was pulling me towards the ground then it started pulling me upward and I thought I was floating around the kitchen. Then everything went back to normal. It felt normal, like I had never smoked. Then all of a sudden I blacked out and found myself standing in another room of the house. Throughout the night I kept snapping in and out of these blackouts, finding myself in different places each time.

    This experience lasted about 6-7 hours. I have never experienced anything like it since. I have gotten somewhat close (Ive seen similar visual hallucinations like the collidiscope patterns and objects waving) but nothing as intense as my first experince.

    The herb i was given was NOT laced with anthing. My other friends smoked the same stuff and didnt experience anything close to what I did.

    Is there anyone else who has had a similar experience with marijuana?

    Please Share your story!!
  2. haha guys i just rolled a 3 gram joint and smoked it in my backyard while listening to Ratatat-Seventeen years and i satred floating and seeing crazzhy things all aroudn me moving. Everything felt really similar to the first time i smoked.

    Ima smoke more :hello:
  3. the 1st time i smoked nothing happened so i was like w/e and i walked home from the kids house i was at.i thought it wasnt going to work on me and i was different. lol i was scared. i didnt try it again till like a month later, and boy, i was fucked beyond belief. me and my 2 buds who i tried it with a month earlier walked down the road to my house blitzed no1 home and we ate just about everything left in my cabinets. good ol times. i was 15 when i 1st tried it.

    anyone else get a little derpressed sometimes and miss being young when you 1st tried pot, and miss the places you smoked at home. i live with my gf now and i just wish i could be 15 again haha. then sometimes i say screw it i half so much more money and weed now it aint funny, but still.

    hope this makes sense my chemically enhanced brain is rambling again haha:smoke:

    no my story aint similar, i got annihilated but more like a dizzy head is goin around in circles feeling wicked fucked up and laughing and smiling for like the last hour of being high.
    awesome shit
  4. Well the first time I smoked, I got absurdly stoned, got the frame version etc, but I didn't hallucinate. That same week, the first time I hit a bong (double chambered it was) I went on a riverhike with my sister and friends and the walls of the river cavern were made of mud and felt like they were alive. Then when we got to the end, I saw mufassa, from the lion king, in the waterfall, and he spoke my name... man I was fucked up :smoke:
  5. my first experiece i went over to my dads house while he was ina Iraq so my mom was renting it out to her friend and her friends room mate, I knew her room mate for a little while, well i would joke around and say he looked like a stoner and he thought it was funny. One day i went over there and it was just him and he was like "So you think a I'm a burn-out?" I was like "You kinda look like one." he laughed and said "That's cool, im gonna burn-out right now, is that cool?" I was like "Sure." i honestly didn't know what he meant. So he went into his room and sat down in his chair and pulled out a spoon and packed a bowl and hit it and said "You wanna try it?" i said "nah..." then i said "On second thought, let me try it." So i took a huge rip until my lungs hurt and he said "Now hold it--- Now let it go!" so i exhaled and started to get a light buzz, i was pretty high and i sat there and at all of the black jelly beans out of a bag, after that we would burn out occasionally, unfortunately i lost contact with him but he was cool. Anyway that was the first time that SWEET CHEEVA caressed my lungs... And I never looked back. :)
  6. Well the first 10 or so times I smoked I got absolutely nothing. Turns out I wasn't inhaling properly (i had never smoked a cigarrette or anything before). So my first REAL time, my buddy took me to his office, of all places, and we hit hydros. After a 10 minute coughing fit I realize how fucked up I was - oh and this was right before class. I'm sure the prof knew I was stoned as hell, but he was an idiot so I didn't care.

    That was the start of a great tradition of getting high before class. Don't ask why but for some reason computers and weed go hand in hand. :D
  7. man the first time i smoked
    oh god the memories...
    oh yea, the first time i did we went into the back of my friends house in the woods
    and he rolled a joint cause he was like a pro smoker
    and it didnt work, and yes i was inhaling, and yes we smoked a lot
    i was pissed/wasnt sure if i was high or not
    so i tried again the next day...oh man did it work then.
  8. First time I smoked was pretty cool. I used to be HARDCORE straightedge. I hated hating my friends for doing it (i had a really bad childhood and i thought of any drug being bad)

    So one night I was at one of my really good friend's house. I was upset that he smoked but I had thought about smoking and read a ton about it and he explained stuff to me and that night we went outside and he was just like..."Wanna smoke?" And I go "Alright," with a smirk on my face. He was like "You son of a bitch." Lol.

    So we just smoke like a bowl and a half or something. I was like...I don't really feel it. It was the time where snow would fall then melt a little and get cold again at night and make the snow really hard on top but soft on the bottom. Then *BAM* the high hit me and I stumbled back a little and got my foot caught in the snow and fell. I was laughing so hard. Then I got up and saw that one of his neighbor's had their lights on but looked like they were asleep. So I started complaining about how they are "Wasters of the light" and my friend died laughing.

    We then went inside and watched King Kong. LMAO! To this day that shit is funny. It was like the first King Kong movie...and the planes were obviously on wires and when they were hit they would turn in to crumpled paper on fire and fall.

    I loved my first and second time being high. Good times.

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